Pressure Washer Cleaning Patio

Autumn chores made easy with your pressure washer!

Leaves are falling, dark nights are drawing in and autumn is well and truly here! But, before we dig out the jumpers, sip on pumpkin spice lattes and prepare to hibernate by the fire, there are a few household chores we mustn’t forget to do first!

Unfortunately, prepping your home for the colder months doesn’t just mean your Netflix wishlist and cosy socks! There are a few jobs we need to add to our list to make sure our homes are prepped and ready too.

The good news is, your pressure washer can lend a very good helping hand! Here’s how to defeat those annoying autumn chores with your trusty pressure washer…

Clear your outdoor drains

Outdoor Drains Clogged With Leaves

Leaves falling off the trees are a beautiful sight, they’re not so beautiful though when they clog up your drains and cause leaks, eugh! Using your pressure washer to unblock your drains will make the job a whole lot easier. Plus there are even tools to help you such as drain cleaning kits that include everything you need for a clear and fresh drain.
Here are some handy tips on how to do this:

Remember to wear gloves and safety goggles before you start as you don’t want any nasty splashes or surprises!

Clean patios & decking

Cleaning Patio With Pressure Washer

The great thing about washing patios and decking with a pressure washer is you can immediately see the difference as soon as you start cleaning. Start from one corner and work outwards to avoid the mud you’ve dislodged washing over and drying onto clean areas. You can use a patio cleaning attachment to help you and get the perfect finish with a detergent to suit your type of patio.

Cleaning garden furniture

Cleaning Garden Furniture With Pressure Washer

It’s been a great, long summer spent with our garden furniture, but, unfortunately, it’s time to say goodbye! Ensure your next summer together is just as fantastic by giving it a deep clean with your pressure washer and leaving it to completely dry before storing away. For extra protection through the winter months, use a plastic protector to keep it covered.

Cleaning garden tools

Dirty Gardening Tools Outdoors

Gardeners heed our warning! Don’t put your tools away dirty or else they could rust and be ruined. A quick blast of water from the pressure washer whilst the mud and mulch on your tools is still wet is much easier than getting rid of caked-on mud at a later date. Dry the tools with an old rag before storing them and you’ve done your future self a favour.

Cleaning your car

Cleaning Car With Pressure Washer

One common use for a pressure washer is to clean cars and motorbikes. Whether you get from A to B on two wheels or four, pressure washing with water alone may not shift all of the grime on your paintwork, so we recommend using detergent dispenser and brush attachments for the best results. Polish with a chamois cloth for a sparkling finish. For some handy tips, check out our dos and don’ts guide to pressure washing your car.

Clean the BBQ

Dirty Barbecue Outdoors

Another hard autumn goodbye is to our trusty barbecues, oh the fun we’ve had! Make sure it’s good to go for next summer by giving it a good clean and storing it away. First, get rid of grease and grime by scrubbing it with a BBQ cleaner or grease remover. Then, blast it down with your pressure washer but be careful around gas hoses, connections, electrical components or heating elements and use the medium-pressure spray. If you have a gas barbecue, disconnect the gas canister and move it away from the area you’re cleaning. Let your barbecue dry completely and use a plastic covering to store it.

Wash outdoor windows

Woman Cleaning Windows

Your windows have most likely gathered lots of dust and grime over the summer months. Use your pressure washer to remove this dirt and keep your outdoor view clear and streak free! Use a streak free glass finisher to ensure excellent results. Plus, pressure washing windows will help keep dark winter days a little brighter in your home.

Clear gutters

Gutters Clogged With Leaves

Let your pressure washer help you with the dreaded task of clearing your gutters! Well-maintained gutters help extend the life of your roofing and prevent water damage in your home. Pressure washers can quickly remove leaves, grit, sand or anything else blocking your gutters so they can continue to do their important work! You can get angled attachments to access hard to reach areas too.

So there you have it, thanks to your trusty pressure washer you’re all ready for autumn! Now all that’s left to do is put your feet up and make yourself a warming hot choc, bliss!

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