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Unexpected Uses for Your Appliances

Every day your trusty appliances wash your clothes, clean your dishes, make your food, but did you know they can also be used to help with chores around the house?

Check out these 10 creative ways to use your appliances to nail those everyday chores!



One Fully Charged Battery And One Low Battery


Charge Batteries

As well as freezing your food, your freezer can recharge NiMh and NiCd batteries and temporarily revive crashed computer hard drives! After freezing, keep them stored in a sealed plastic bag for a few hours before use to ensure they are thawed out.

Pile Of Folded Blue jeans


Sanitize and Clean Clothes

If you’re worried about fading your jeans or black clothing in the wash, try putting them in a sealable bag inside your freezer for a week. The ice-cold air will kill bacteria and remove any smells.




Wash Tools and Brushes

As well as keeping your dishes sparkling, your dishwasher can clean your tools, hair and makeup brushes and computer keyboards! For the keyboard, simply place it face down on the rack, skip the drying cycle and let it dry for a couple of days before plugging it back in.

Wet Make-up Brushes On Towel


Cook Fish and Veggies

While you’re washing your dishes, why not cook your dinner too! Simply vacuum seal some fish or vegetables and place the bag on the top rack of your dishwasher. Run on the hottest cycle, and there your steamy meal awaits!

Mixed Vegetables In Sealed Bag


Coloured Cleaning Sponges Piled Up


Disinfect Sponges

Sponges are useful tools, but they can also gather bacteria. Disinfect your sponges by regularly putting them in the microwave. Lightly dampen the sponge and microwave for just 1-2 minutes and your sponges will last a whole lot longer.

Pile of Scattered Letters With Stamps


Remove Stamps

Remove stuck on stamps without leaving any damage using your microwave. Just place a few drops of water onto the stamp and microwave for 20 seconds, they should then peel off easily.

Slow Cooker


Steam Towel

Create your very own home spa by using your slow or rice cooker to create warm, steamed towels. Take a few hand towels soaked in warm water, roll them up and place them in your slow cooker for a couple of minutes and they will be perfectly warm and steamy, so relaxing!

White Spa Towels In Wicker Basket


Make Your Home Smell Great

Your slow cooker can double up as a potpourri warmer! Fill it with flowers, herbs or spices, heat for a few minutes and your home will ooze the scent of the season!

Mixed Potpourri On White Background

Washing Machine

White Sport Trainers On White Background


Deep Clean Trainers

To make your dirty trainers seem brand new again, put them in the washing machine! Just remove the laces and place them on a cool water setting with no dryer spin. Leave them to air dry and your trainers will be sparkling clean.


Three Teddy Bears Hanging On Clothing Line



Clean Plush Toys

Most cuddly toys are perfectly fine to be washed in the machine. Just place them in a mesh laundry bag on a gentle cold water cycle before air-drying. (And the kids never have to know!)

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