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Tried and Tested – eSpares reviews Patio Force cleaners

Moss, mould, algae and lichens, be gone – Patio Force is here to stay!

A force to be reckoned with when it comes to outdoor growths, Patio Force is an excellent alternative to pressure washing your outdoor spaces. Its concentrated fungicide cleaning action removes a build-up of moss, mould, lichens and algae, leaving your pavement, patio, drive, garden furniture and greenhouse clean and growth-free.

Once again, we got our Social Media Assistant and Product Tester, Amy Sharp, on the case to provide a full review as well as helpful hints and tips for getting the best out of the Patio Force range.

Amy Holding Patio Force Cleaners

Really easy to use, powerful spray and effectively cleans a range of surfaces. It’s a great alternative for those without a pressure washer!

Amy Sharp, Social Media Assistant at eSpares 

Introducing the Patio Force range

Patio Force Concentrate Cleaner

Patio Force Concentrate Cleaner
First up, is the Patio Force Concentrate Cleaner. To use, all you need to do is dilute with water and it’s ready for action! You can apply it using a pressure sprayer or a watering can and the 5-litre bottle will cover up to 220 square metres. The measurements you need for your space can be found on the back of the bottle.

Patio Force Ready To Use Cleaner

Patio Force Ready To Use Cleaner
The second product in the range is the Patio Force Ready To Use Cleaner. With this option, there is no need for diluting and it comes with an attachable trigger spray so it’s ready when you are!

How to use

Whichever option is best for you, the Patio Force products are really easy to use.

Amy Sweeping Leaves From Patio

Step one: Sweep away any leaves, dirt and debris from patios and pavements or brush these away on other areas before you begin.

Amy Diluting Patio Force

Step two: Dilute the amount required if using the concentrate cleaner or attach the spray arm for the ready to use cleaner.

Amy Testing Patio Force

Step three: Test the product on a small area of the surface you are about to clean to ensure there is no reaction and the solution takes well.

Patio Forced Used On Patio

Step four: If the small area is fine, continue to cover the whole of your patio with the solution.

Patio Drying After Clean

Step five: There is no need for scrubbing, just simply leave the solution to work its magic.

Moss Removed From Patio

Step 6: You’ll start to see the outdoor growths such as moss and mildew disappear!

Amy’s top tip:

Don’t worry if you find some growths are not completely gone. Some moss, mould, mildew and algae take time to completely fade and you might see better results after a few days or when it rains. But rest assured, the cleaner is still working!

The results are in:

Here’s how Amy got on testing Patio Force when cleaning her patio and garden furniture:


Patio Before Clean


Moss Removed From Patio


For this one, Amy used the Patio Force Concentrate cleaner. As you can see, it has worked wonders in removing tough moss from the crevices and surface of the patio.

After leaving the cleaner to work for a few days, the moss has really started to disappear! I will definitely continue to use this to fight moss and other outdoor growths all year round.

Garden furniture

Garden Chair Before Cleaner

Garden Chair After Cleaner

Next, Amy tested the Patio Force Ready to Use cleaner on her garden furniture. Moss and mould had got into the sides and crevices of the furniture, leaving it looking worn. After being cleaned with Patio Force cleaner, these growths were eliminated and it now looks as good as new again.

I’m really impressed with the spray gun for this one. It works really well and is actually powerful. The results on the table are really great and it looks white again!

It’s official, the Patio Forcers cleaners have the eSpares seal of approval for removing moss, mould, algae and lichens from your outdoor spaces.

To find out more and get your hands on some, check out the range on the eSpares website.

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