Rolson Tools And Amy's Testimonial

Tried and Tested – eSpares Reviews Rolson Garden Tools

It’s time to tool up for those gardening chores, and we have just the thing!

When it comes to gardening tools, only the best will do to help you build and maintain your dream outdoor area. So, we made it our mission to seek out the best in the business.

Rolson is known for its sturdy, reliable and top-quality tools for both the home and garden. But as always, we wanted to check it out for ourselves!

Once again, we challenged our Social Media Assistant and now trusted product tester, Amy, to try out these tools and put them to the test in her own garden. Amy carried out her usual spring gardening tasks, but this time, with the Rolson tools to hand.

Leaf Collectors

Amy With Rolson Leaf Collector-(1)The first job of the spring is to rid your garden of leaves and debris to make way for new growth and greenery. After doing so with a rake, Amy tested out the Rolson Heavy Duty Leaf Collectors designed to remove raked up leaves, grass, moss and twigs with ease.

Rolson Set Of 2 Leaf Collectors

Extra-large hand extenders for picking up leaves with ease.

Rolson Leaf Collectors Handle

Lightweight to fit most hands comfortably

Amy Using Rolson Leaf Collectors

Added durability, thanks to their polypropylene construction

What Amy said:

The Leaf Collectors are really easy to use. They fit over your wrists really nicely and are very sturdy. They feel like an extension of your hand and are deeper than they look which makes it really easy to grab piles of leaves at one time. It makes the job a lot faster than it would be just using your hands!

Rolson 7 Function Spray Gun Set

Amy With Rolson 7 Function Spray Gun Set

Next up, we have a product that is set to make watering and cleaning your outdoors a breeze! Introducing the Rolson 7 Function Spray Gun Set. Just as it says on the tin, the spray gun has 7, yes 7, functions to help you complete everyday garden watering chores with ease.

Rolson Spray Gun On Flower Bed

The functions include centre, shower, cone, full, mist, jet and flat.

Rolson Spray Gun Attachments

3 hose fittings – a 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch tap connector, a female hose connector and a female water stop connector

Soft Grip On Rolson Spray set

Soft grip handle and lever makes it easy to water the whole garden comfortably.

What Amy said:

I love this! It has so much power and the spray reaches really far. I always struggle to water this one part of my garden where my hose isn’t long enough to reach, but this made it super easy to do.

“The lighter settings such as the ‘cone’ and ‘shower’ were great for watering delicate plants. We usually just spray these with the hose and they end up getting damaged so this was a much better option. It’s really easy to connect and is a great addition to your hose.

Amy’s tips:

Amy Watering Lawn With Rolson Spray Gun

Use the shower setting to give your lawn some watering. Most lawns need around half an inch of water per week to stay healthy so as the weather gets warmer and we get less rain, you may need to water your lawn more frequently.

Rolson Spray Gun On Flower Bed

Use the ‘cone’ or ‘shower’ setting to give your flower beds some moisture with less force and to wake up any flower shoots. The amount you water depends on the types of flowers you have in your garden, so be sure to find out how much they need watering.

Cleaning Pavements With Rolson Spray Set

You can use the jet setting to clean your patio and pavement and remove any dirt and debris too.

Rolson Weeding Tools

Amy With Rolson Weeding Tools
Next to stand Amy’s rigorous tests is the Rolson weeding tools! Weeding is of course a very important part of your spring gardening as it frees up space, water and nutrients to allow plants to grow. So you need tools that are up to the job!

Rolson Hand Weeder Knife

There are two types of weeds in your garden so you need two separate tools. For pesky weeds in between slabs and pavings, you need a knife-shaped tool.

The Rolson Hand Weeder Knife is perfect for scraping unwanted growth between patio slabs, block paving and any other tight spaces outdoors. It has a sharp, stainless steel blade that easily cuts weeds from the roots.

It benefits from a hardwood handle and leather wrist strap for greater durability and comfort.


Rolson Hand Weeder Knife


Patio After Weeding

What Amy said:

The Knife Weeder was really good! It feels really sturdy and high quality. The tool is super long so it can really get deep in between the patio slabs and pull the weeds up from their roots. I haven’t had one that does this so well before.

Rolson Hand Weeder Tongue

For removing weeds from your flower beds, the Rolson Hand Weeder Tongue is designed to remove long, narrow roots. It has a v-shaped stainless steel blade that makes pulling weeds from flower beds and narrow corners super easy!

Hand Weeder Fork Tongue

V-shaped stainless steel blade that will easily pull the weeds from the roots.

Tongue Weeder Being Used On Weeds

Use the forked end to dig out rooted weeds and lever them out with the purpose-bent shaft.

After Weeding With Rolson Tools

Leave behind a weed-free garden!

What Amy said:

“This is a game-changer! It pulls weeds out so easily with minimum effort making this chore a whole lot quicker. I’m actually obsessed!” 

Rolson Hand Trowel

Rolson Hand Trowel

Next up, is the Rolson Hand Trowel. When prepping your soil or planting seeds and flowers, you’ll need a sturdy trowel! This heavy-duty trowel from Rolson is made with a durable, pointed blade that is ideal for digging small holes or breaking up soil.

What Amy said:

“This tool is just what you ask for in a trowel. Good quality, easy to use and sturdy so it felt like it would last for years!”

Rolson Secateurs

Amy With Rolson Secateurs

Last but not least, we have the Rolson Secateurs for general garden pruning and landscaping. This effective 200mm tool is made from high-quality carbon steel and heat-treated with precision ground blades. It has been designed with a comfortable cushion grip to help make trimming your garden easier on your hands and wrists.

Comfortable Grip On Rolson Secateurs

Comfortable cushion grip to make pruning easier on your hands

Amy Pruning garden With Tool

Heat-treated with precision ground blades

Close up Of Blades On Rolson Secateurs

Sharp blades for easy trimming

What Amy said:

“The secateurs were actually the best I’ve used! They were really sharp and surprisingly strong considering how small they are! Others I have used have been a bit heavy, especially when trying to get up and down ladders or in hard to reach areas, but these were brilliant. They are really lightweight and a good size for gardening trimming and pruning chores!” 

So there you have it, our tried and tested verdict on the Rolson garden tools! For more information or to view the whole range, visit the eSpares website.

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