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Six Tips to Help You Bring Spring Into Your Home

The season of spring is upon us… but while lockdowns are coming to an end, we have a little way to go yet. If you’re still stuck at home more than you’d like and are finding it hard to get into the spring spirit, we have some tips to help you change that in a jiffy!

Whether you’re working from home for a while longer, don’t have a garden space to utilise or simply aren’t getting as much time outdoors as you would like, read on to find out how you can bring spring into your home.

Flower Power

Plants in PotsLet’s kick things off with a tip you already knew you’d find on this list. Decorating your home with plant pots, flowers and anything else that grows is a great way to revel in the time of the year without needing to step out of your front door. Spring might be the time to wander through gardens and fields, but you can still surround yourself with all things floral when prancing through nature isn’t immediately available to you. Besides, who doesn’t love a good succulent or two?

Embrace a Woven World

Wicker Storage BoxesYou can never have too many woven baskets or accessories. That’s just a fact – especially during springtime – and the best part about wicker baskets is that you don’t need to fill them with flowers and hang them outside to get the desired effect either. Wicker and woven decorations have long been linked to spring, and placing them around your home is a great way to embrace the season without needing to go too far. Wicker baskets and boxes are as practical as they are aesthetic too, as they are highly useful for storage. In fact, they may even help with this next tip of ours…

Dive In and Declutter

Clean Living Room
Spring cleaning is a tried and tested way to get you feeling the season without any doubt. By decluttering your home and getting rid of anything you don’t need that takes up too much space (or at least storing such items out of sight), you can give your home that fresh and airy feeling we so often associate with the brighter seasons. It’s just a bonus that a decluttered home means a decluttered mind, and that stress-free feeling is only enhanced by a tidy living space filled with fresh air and sunshine above all else.

Bring Out the New Bedding

Floral Bedding

The sheets we sleep in can easily affect our mood, so spring is the perfect time to get creative with your bedding. Whether you prefer floral decorations or simple and bright colour schemes, having new bedding that showcases the season is a sure way to help you start the day in the mood for spring each and every morning. Besides, fresh bedding is always a delight for its touch and its smell as much as its appearance – especially when you scent it with appropriate fragrances to suit the time of year!

Spring Scents

Scented Candles

Speaking of fragrances, scenting your bedding and clothes isn’t the only way to get your home smelling like spring. Scented candles may sound like a fairly straightforward idea, but choosing the right scents can work wonders with bringing the smells of spring inside. From cherry blossom to lavender, from lotus flower to jasmine, placing a few scented candles on your shelves and coffee table will have you thinking you’re wandering through a field of blooming flowers every time you close your eyes.

Get Creative with Colour

Fruit Bowl

There are plenty of ways to bring the colours of spring into your home, and flowers are just one of them. Sure, plants are a great start, but there’s so much more you can do with colour to make your interior spaces come alive. Whether you want a striking colour scheme of reds and yellows, or something gentler such as duck egg blues and soft pinks, there’s always a plethora of options available to you. Try keeping a fruit bowl stacked up with apples, oranges and bananas, or treat yourself to a new set of throws and blankets for your furniture. You could even temporarily swap any framed artwork or paintings you have for a more seasonal selection, or try your hand at painting something yourself if you’re feeling extra creative!

We hope you’ve found our blog on tips to bring spring into your home helpful. Now that you’ve got some inspiration for getting your interior spaces spring ready, find some for outside too with our blog on getting your garden furniture and features back into shape!

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