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Tried and Tested! eSpares reviews Dr. Beckmann

With over 40+ years of experience in providing products that keep homes spick and span, Dr, Beckmann know their stuff!

Nevertheless, we wanted to put their products to the test! We’re lucky enough to stock the Dr. Beckmann cleaning range and have heard fantastic things about the Dr. Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover With Brush & Oxi Action in particular.

So, our Social Media Assistant (and now esteemed product tester) Amy, put this product to the test on some of the toughest, most irritating stains! Find out how she got on and also hear her exclusive top tips!

How to use:

Step 1: Amy opens up…

Seems simple, but be careful how you open and prepare your bottle. Don’t get caught out by removing the whole seal and letting too much solution out of the bottle. Simply poke a small hole through the top.

“I used a pen nib to make a small hole in the seal. If you open up the whole thing, too much will come out and you won’t be able to get the required foam. The small hole will allow you to control how much comes out on the brush.”

“Trust me, I learned this the hard way!”

Step 2: Let it foam!

Cover the stained area with the solution but do not soak it. Then, gently rub it with the brush and allow it to foam up.

“On some stubborn stains, you might need to rub a little harder for the foam to develop and to really get into the stain. But be sure to let the foam set and leave it for the required time to let the foam do its job!”

Step 3: Sit and wait

Let the foam sit for at least 3 minutes or up to 10 minutes for more stubborn stains.

“Three minutes is usually enough, but for stains that have been there for a while or are harder to remove, leave them to soak for a little longer.”

Step 4: Dab away

Use a clean cloth to dab the stain away.

“I used a cloth or for some stains, kitchen roll! If the stain is still there, you may need to repeat the process again.”

The results are in…

Red Wine

Dr Beckmann Before And After Red Wine
Ah, red wine, so tasty but so dangerous in more ways than one! Hear Amy’s cautionary stain tale but thanks to Dr. Beckmann, it has a happy ending…

“So this one was the reason I was happy to be given this task! I had spilt red wine on my mum‘s carpet and was dreading the moment I had to tell her! It had soaked in so I was close to giving up hope.

“I left the foam on for around 5 minutes and to my amazement, it lifted straight out. I only had to do it once! I tested it again for the purpose of this blog (and to see if it was a fluke) and again, it lifted straight away. It’s a miracle.

“So, this stuff basically saved my life!”


Dr Beckmann Before And After CoffeeCoffee is another pain of a stain! But with two coats of Dr. Beckmann, you can wave goodbye to them and say hello to a fresh looking carpet.

“Again, this one lifted really easily! I gently applied the solution, let it foam and waited for 5 minutes. After dabbing off with kitchen roll, I noticed there was still a slight stain. So, I repeated the process and the second time it came off straight away!”

Muddy Footprints

Dr Beckmann Before And After Muddy Footprints
Long walks and taking the dog out means lots of muddy foot and paw prints! Mud is a tricky stain so will need a little more elbow grease but that doesn’t mean it’s here to stay.

“So for this one, I started by picking up all the chunky bits of mud first so not to smudge any more in the carpet. Then, after applying the solution, I had to scrub the stain a little harder to get the foam to form. I have long-haired carpet, so I parted it as I went to make sure it was all covered.

“After 10 minutes, the stain had shifted, but could still be seen, so I gave it another two goes for this one. Luckily, after the third one, I could see a real difference. It was stubborn, but was worth it in the end!”


Dr Beckmann Before And After Ketchup
Ketchup lovers, listen up! You no longer have to panic when your bottle squirts further than you would like it to. Although, Amy has some top tips for when this happens to you.

“So this was probably the most difficult stain to remove. I left it to soak in the carpet for a while so it was very difficult to remove. If you do happen to spill ketchup on your carpet, be sure to get to it straight away!

“First, I used a cloth to dab away the excess ketchup so as not to rub it in even more. I applied the foam and left it on for the full 10 minutes. As you can see, there were still traces of the stain so I repeated the process 3 times and applied a little elbow grease. After that, it really lifted well! I do think if I’d have got to it straight away, it would have been a little easier so remember not to leave it to set.”

Car Mats

Dr Beckmann Before And After Car MatsLast but not least, this product is the answer to your car cleaning woes! The Carpet Stain Remover worked wonders on Amy’s car mats and made them look brand new.

“I was so impressed with this one! I hate cleaning my car and can never seem to lift mud and dirt from the mats.

“I vacuumed the mats first to remove the loose mud and dirt then applied just one application. They came up looking sparkling clean! It was so quick and easy to do, I will definitely continue to use this on them.”

Top Benefits:

  • Removes a variety of food, drink and pet stains
  • Can be used on carpets and soft furnishings
  • No need to vacuum after use
  • Neutralises odours
  • Liquid formula
  • 650ml capacity

Over to you! Why not try the Dr. Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover on your stubborn stains and check out the rest of the fantastic cleaning range too?

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