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The clocks you will probably forget to change this Sunday!

It’s that time of the year again when the nights get darker, the air gets colder and our gloves and scarves are dug out of the cupboards. One thing we mustn’t forget though is that the clocks will change too!

On Sunday 25th October our clocks are set to change once again for the real autumn/ winter time to begin! And, as the old saying goes ‘spring forward, fall back’, they will be going back one hour.

As many of us have smartphones and gadgets that change their clocks automatically, we think that just changing the big clock on the wall is all we have to think about. But, there are some very important clocks around your home that you may be missing…

Oven Clock

Close Up Of Clock On Oven

Did you know that if you don’t set the time on your oven clock it could stop it working altogether? Many people associate their oven not working with a major fault when in fact, they just forgot to set the time! This is pretty simple to do, just check the user manual or take a look at our handy how-to video below:


Family Watching Television

Your television may set the timer automatically, but it’s best to check so you don’t miss your favourite shows, especially if they are set to record. You can usually do this by going to Settings > Set date and time, but check your user manual just to be sure.

Heating Timer

Close Up Of Heating Thermostat

If you don’t want to be waking up in the freezing cold, remember to set your heating timer clock! If you time your heating from your boiler, simply change the clock on the display. If you have a separate timer that operates your heating, you will have to go onto the timer settings. Check your user manual for specific instructions.


Woman Checking Watch In Car

Are we right in thinking you’ve probably only just changed your car clock from the spring clock change? You’re certainly not alone! Save the panic of thinking you’re far too early and set your car clock right away!

Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock And Man Sleeping

If you don’t want to be an hour early for work on Monday, we suggest you put your alarm clock back! If you don’t use your phone to wake you and still have a separate alarm clock, this has got to be the most important clock. Set this on Sunday evening and give yourself the lie in you deserve!

Coffee Maker

Red Coffee Machine

Waking up without your morning coffee is not a good start to the week! If you have a coffee maker with a timer and like to start your morning with a coffee fix, make sure you don’t forget this one!


Man Checking Watch Waiting For Train

We tend to forget about our watch until it’s too late and the panic sets in! If you have a manual watch rather than a smart one, remember to turn that dial to the right time and don’t get caught short!

Home Security System

Person Setting House Alarm

Unless it does it automatically, be sure to change the clocks on your home security devices. You’ll want to make sure any footage your security cameras have captured has the exact time. If you have timed lights or cameras, make sure these are still coming on at the times that you have set.

Car Dashcam

Car Dashcam On Windscreen

Just like your home security, you need to make sure your car is safe too! Be sure to set the clock on your dashcam to make sure all the footage you capture is usable (just in case!)

Right, you’re all set! Now all that’s left to do is work out how we’re going to spend our extra hour (probably in bed!) To get even more prepared for autumn, check out these essential household chores for the new season.

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