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8 Things You Should Be Doing Before Autumn Falls

Just 42 days until Halloween, 47 days till bonfire night and only 97 days until … (we won’t mention that word!) Autumn has a lot to look forward to. So as you dig out your favourite jumpers and wellies, don’t forget to prepare your home too!

The changing of seasons can cause problems around your home. Make sure you’re fully prepared and follow this checklist for a care free autumn!

Clear Your Gutters

Gutters Full Of Autumn Leaves

Your gutters work hard all year round removing gallons of water from your roof and preventing any damage to your home. So don’t forget to give them a bit of TLC! Clogged gutters can cause flooded interior and damaged exterior. Be sure to clear them out when the autumn leaves start to fall and replace them if necessary.

Check For Draughts

Bedroom With Curtain Blowing

According to the Energy Saving Trust, Draught-proofing your home could save you around £25 per year! Check your windows, doors, unused chimneys, loft hatches, between floorboards and around your electrical fittings. There are some great DIY ways of covering these drafts such as self-adhesive tape or applying a filler or cover.

Do Your Gardening

Garden Rake Sweeping Autumn Leaves

Autumn is a great time to prep your garden for spring! Take time to rake up the fallen leaves, fertilise your lawn and remove any dead annuals to prevent any winter damage. This will also help your lawn turn green faster when spring finally arrives!

Protect Your Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture Outside Home With Autumn Leaves

Even though its made for the outside, that doesn’t mean it can survive the harsh winter! If you have space, take your outdoor furniture inside or leave it in the shed. Otherwise, you can just shelter it with an outdoor cover and keep it protected.

Fix Driveway Cracks

Cracks On Road With Hazard Cone

We all hate a pothole and it’s even worse when it’s on the drive! Prevent them from developing by filling in any cracks with a concrete sealer. When water gets into cracks and freezes it can make them bigger, so tackle them while you can and save yourself from future chores!

Clean Your Filters

Cleaning Dust Filters With Water

If your air filters are clogged, it may be harder to keep your home at the right temperature, which can mean high heating bills. First, vacuum away the dust and dirt, then rinse them under running water. Be sure to dry it thoroughly before replacing it.

Keep Your Heat

Hands Hovering Over Heater

When the cold nights arrive the last thing you need is to find a fault with your heating, so check it now! Give your radiators a trial run to check they are working and get any repairs or checks booked in before Jack Frost arrives!

Stay Safe

Finger Testing Smoke Detector

Last but certainly not least, make sure your home is safe! Check your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they are still working and change batteries if necessary.

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