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The best/worst appliance jokes part II!

Call us crazy, call us mad, but there is nothing we love more than a good old appliance themed joke!

And, because our previous appliance jokes post went down so well, (you clearly love them too!) we decided it was time for part 2! Prepare for belly laughs, eye rolls and a good old fashioned Dad joke, but of course, they are appliance themed!

1. You won’t get this song out of your head now (sorry)

What did the laundry say to the washing machine?
You spin me right round, baby!

2. It’s what you bake of it!

I was once arrested for stealing baking accessories.
It was worth the whisk!

3. It’s party time!

What do you call a party that’s in a kitchen appliance?
A microrave

4. One for the Avengers fans!

How does Thor power his appliances?
With a lightning adapter

5. Keep it clean!

How much fun is it doing laundry?

6. I got my best friend a fridge for her birthday…

I can’t wait to see her face light up when she opens it.

B’dum dum…

7. Easy mistake to make?

The recipe said, “Set the oven to 180 degrees.”
Now I can’t open it, as the door is facing the wall.

8. Took a friend to the cleaners the other day…

His washing machine had broken.

9. We’re clutching at straws now!

What’s a clothes dryers favourite chocolate?

10. Last, but certainly not least!

What did the mayo say to the fridge?
Shut the door, I’m dressing!

We hope these put a smile on your face today (even if it was because they were so bad, they were good!) Think you can do better? Share your best appliance jokes on our Facebook page!


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