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8 reasons why DIY is actually really good for you!

As well as being good for your home, DIY is good for your soul!

All DIYers are different, but they do all share the same determination, passion and most of all patience! Here are 8 reasons why DIY is good for your wellbeing.

It’s good for the brain!

Learning new skills helps to keep your brain active and healthy. It’s super important to do something that’s unfamiliar to challenge yourself mentally every now and again and DIY is the perfect way to do that. So remember when you’re swearing at the flatpack furniture, it’s actually helping you keep your brain sharp!
Man Concentrating On Drilling wood

It increases self-reliance

Before your first fix, what was your reaction when something broke? Absolute panic, we bet! But now that you’ve fixed the leaky tap, the broken chair leg and the toilet a broken washing machine no longer seems so scary! Why? Now you know that you can take on anything!
Man Looking Inside Washing Machine

You can save cash!

I mean, let’s be honest – this is a big one! Why buy a new one when you can fix the old one? Why hire someone to do it when you can fix it yourself? You can save heaps of cash by resurrecting something old and making it look like new again or fixing an appliance yourself. And saving money feels good!
Piggy Bank And Fixing Tools

It encourages family time

Teaching your kids about DIY is a great way for you to bond as well as them learning new skills. Kids love to help so they could be your assistant handing you tools, help you paint the walls in their room or you can show them how to make something old look like new again.
Man Teaching Son To Fix

You get a sense of pride from upcycling

You’re not only fixing something and saving money, but you’re also helping the environment too. Upcycling and not throwing away means one less item being sent to landfill. So that’s three things to feel super proud about.¬†Check out these great ideas on giving broken items in your home a new lease of life.
Woman Painting Wooden Cabinet

You will develop new passions

Once you’ve fixed a few things trust us, you’ll be hooked (and that’s not just because we’re fix-it-yourself fanatics)! You’ll start to think about what else you can fix or what you can create. You can even take classes or connect with others online that share your passions and ideas. It’s great to meet like-minded people too!
Woman Learning To Sew

It allows you to pull the plug

We spend a lot of our time on phones, laptops and tablets. Focusing on a manual task means you can switch off for a while and take pleasure in what you’re doing. It’s great to have a break from social media and work emails at the weekend, so DIY is an ideal way to do this. Unless you need to follow a YouTube video because that doesn’t count, of course!
Woman Enjoying Painting

The satisfaction!

Finally, the feeling you get when you’ve completed your task is like no other. It was worth all the shouting, the loose screw searching, the paint spillages and the sore fingers! Because when you look at your finished project, you know that YOU did that. Every time you look at it, it fills you with a sense of pride. And that’s exactly what you deserve!
Couple Looking At Kitchen Project

Looking to start your DIY project? Check out these 10 things you should know before you begin!

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