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10 things you wish you knew before you started DIY

DIY can seem like a whole other world! Every time we complete a project, we learn something for next time!

Flatpack fails, screwdriver sorrow and nuts and bolts nightmares, we’ve all been there! From realising which tools do what to getting to grips with diagram instructions, the majority of DIY lessons are learnt the hard way!

Over the years we’ve discussed our own DIY failures and laughed along with our customers! So we thought we’d reminisce on our DIY disasters with pride as we remember never ever to make those mistakes again!

You DO need the instructions!

As much as we hate to admit it, reading the instructions does actually help!

Man Inside Cupboard With Instructions

YouTube is your best friend

We’ve all struggled with instruction diagrams and making sense of it all only to realise there’s a YouTube video that actually shows you how to do it! Hooray for YouTube! No matter what you’re making or fixing, you can guarantee there’s a video for it! Or, failing that, chat rooms are great for finding solutions to a problem because you can guarantee if you’re struggling someone else probably is too! If only we knew this sooner!

Animation Of YouTube Video On Phone

You definitely won’t finish it later!

The toilet seat that’s still hanging off, the flatpack table that’s still wonky, we all have one! Truth is, leaving your DIY project for ‘later’  will only mean it sits in the corner of the room for all eternity. So take on the frustrations right there and then, you’ll be thankful for it later!

Broken Floor Tiles With Hammer

Never underestimate the power of safety advice

We don’t need to say anymore!

Man Holding Hammer With Injured Thumb

There are no extra screws!

No matter what you like to tell yourself, every screw, tool, and fastener must be used for that flat pack furniture! The wonky chair at the table that everyone avoids is a constant reminder of this!

Loose Screws In Pile

Patience is the most important tool

Just breathe! Because although swearing and cursing at your washing machine might make you feel better, it isn’t going to help!

Frustrated Woman Assembling Flat Pack Furniture

But having the right ones also helps!

Ever been halfway through your project to realise you picked up the wrong drill? Nightmare! Preparation is key!

Man Holding Lots Of Tools

Give yourself twice the time you planned (and maybe a bit extra!)

You can’t plan for lost screws or wonky wheels even though you’ve followed the instructions (eugh!) or even or that time you need to sit back and admire your creation! Give yourself some extra time and don’t stress if it takes you a bit longer!

Man Reparing Furniture And Checking Time

Mistakes make you better!

Because you’ll never forget the time you tried to screw in your table with a knife!

Woman Looking Happy Painting Walls

You’ll be addicted!

Lightbulb needs changing? On it! Wall needs plastering? No problem! Once you’ve mastered the art of DIY, you’ll be finding things around your house that need changing, fixing and updating just so you can continue yo0ur work! Plus, you’ll be the hero of all your friends!

Animation Of Superhero Man Holding Spanner

If you’re looking for some more fun DIY tips, Check out these 10 things our customers have taught us about DIY!

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