10 DIY Lessons We’ve Learnt From Our Customers

It’s fair to say we know a bit about DIY, especially when it comes to fixing appliances.  But of course, there’s always more to learn. It’s usually us teaching our customers how to repair their faulty fridges, ovens and so on, but this week it’s the other way round!

We recently ran a giveaway on our Facebook page, asking people to tag their fellow fixer and win a Black+Decker multi-tool for each of them! We got back so many amazing tales of DIY victories we felt we just couldn’t keep them to ourselves. Our customers are a wise and wonderful bunch so we’ve put together ten of the lessons they shared with us.

1. You’re never too old for DIY

Cartoon Man Holding Spanner

Doug is setting the bar high!

My father, Doug, has always been my inspiration to fix first, re-use and re-purpose. Just turned 90, he’s still usually to be found in his garage, tool in hand, repairing or making something for others.

Louise Williamson

2. Tools can have many meanings…

Spanner Character Smiling

So Slyvia tells us…

Well, my eldest son is already a “tool” but we would both be able to do great stuff with one of these each!

Sylvia Richmond

3. Not all heroes wear capes!

Superhero Banner Reading Super Dad

Dad to the rescue!

Patrick Bolger… in the days before FaceTime, only you could go out in the middle of the night in Rome to find a phone box and then talk me through how to fix my leaking toilet so the kitchen ceiling wouldn’t fall through! My Dad, my DIY HERO!

Joanne Bolger

4. But if you need one there is always Spannerman!

Superhero With Cape And Spanner

Step aside Superman, there’s a new hero in town!

My husband, Bob, is a consummate fixer and my have a go hero! He loves your YouTube ‘how-to’ videos and found the fixes for washing machine problems especially useful. No wonder he dressed as Spannerman for a fancy dress party!

Pat Hibberd

5. Everyone needs a handy Andy!

Cartoon Man Holding Hammer

Christine, you’re a lucky woman!

 The greatest fixer I know is my nephew, Andy Fairfield! He grew up working with my brother (his Dad) and thanks to him and his late father-in-law, Doug, he has mastered decorating, plumbing, domestic electrics and looking after kitchen appliances. I would be lost without him. Every family should have an Andy!

Christine Crawford

6. Fixing runs in the family!

Two Men With Fixing Equipment

Like granddad, like grandson!

Although getting a bit long in the tooth I am still the family first call when something needs fixing but a grandson is coming along fast for my title as fixer. Won’t be hearing the “ask Granddad” so much as “Get Grandson” becomes the call! He will try anything and is getting quite good and quite neat.

Chris Ben Goodman

7. Friends who fix together, stay together!

Two Cartoons With Fixing Tools

Say hello to Miss Independent…

“I would like the independence of being able to fix it myself, and not ask for help, and it would enable me to do small repairs and my friend is in the same position. We are hanging on to our independence fiercely as two 60 somethings… Whoppee!”

Eileen Macdonald

8. A mother and daughter DIY team is unstoppable!

Cartoon Mother And Daughter

Forget handymen!

I would love to win this prize. I love trying to fix things instead of buying new, but I would also like to give one to my daughter. She can also fix things given the right tools and online support… Girl power (tools) 😂👍

Marie Stone

9. When you say I do, you saying it to DIY too!

Cartoon Man Holding Certificate

Fred’s brother learned this the hard way…

I think this handy tool should go to my poor brother who, upon marriage, did not realise he was slowly being assembled into the DIY trainee that he is today. This will help his skills gain ground and make him a happy man!

Fred Red

10. Although it is the key to a happy marriage!

Cartoon Couple Tying the Knot

One fixer, one breaker!

I would like to nominate my husband, Pete, who has saved us a fortune over the years, by fixing things I have managed to break! We have a delegated fix it bench, if it’s there, it usually needs fixing.

Linda Hargreaves

And the winner is…

Annie and her other half are no strangers to DIY! Congratulations to her and her friend, Jamie! We hope this helps you with all your DIY ventures!

Annie's photo of Husband And Taken Apart Washing Machine

“We always try to think fix first! There are so many YouTube tutorials to help out as well. We fixed the dishwasher with a spare part from you guys. The tumble dryer ground to a halt not long ago, rather than call an engineer, my other half decided to take it apart. Ahem. You can probably see what the problem was. As a fellow fixer-upper, I know my friend, Jamie McColl would find this tool useful too!”

Annie Taylor

Thank you to all of our customers who shared their stories. Reading them made our day and we hope all goes well with your amazing DIY projects! If you’re in need of some tools to help you with your household repairs or appliance fixes we’ve got you covered over on our site.

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