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5 super easy ways to keep fit at home!

Staying active is extremely important not only to keep your body healthy but your mind too!

Keeping fit helps to lower stress hormones and promotes the release of good hormones such as endorphins, which make us feel much better. Plus, it doesn’t need to be that hard. You don’t need the gym or to invest in expensive exercise equipment to achieve this. There are plenty of ways you can exercise from the comfort of your own home.

Here we have 5 super easy and do-able ways to keep fit in your home using the things you already have and are already doing…

Improvise with household items

Box Of Household Items
Got some tins of baked beans, bags of rice or flour or bottles of water lying around? All these things can be great to use as weights! If you’re into a little more high impact exercising, here’s the way to do it. Need a kettlebell? Tie them up in a carrier bag!


Kids Dancing Around Lounge
Did you know that dancing for 30 minutes can burn between 130 and 250 calories? That’s about the same as jogging, and much more fun! Dancing is a great workout for the whole body and it’s great for your heart. Put on your favourite tunes and dance around your house. Get the kids and the whole family involved and host your own daily dance class.

Mow the lawn

Woman Mowing Grass Lawn
Trimming your grass can also trim your waistline! Pushing your lawnmower is a great cardio exercise so you can keep fit, burn calories and have a great looking lawn, all at the same time. What’s not to like?

Clean your home

Man Dancing With Broom In Lounge
Yes that’s right! Cleaning your home counts as exercising! Plus, if you really put your back into it, it can be the same as going to the gym. Don’t believe us, check out these household chores that can burn as many calories as standard forms of exercise.

Try the eSpares Appliance Workout Routine

Last, but certainly not least! If you’re looking for an exercise routine then look no further than the eSpares Appliance Workout. Yes, this is a thing! There’s no need to waste money on weights and accessories when you can use what you already have in your home. Behold, the classic Dish Drop! Work your lower body whilst filling up the dishwasher and kill two birds with one stone.
And there’s plenty more where that came from! Check out the full routine.

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