Espares Team Performing Exercise Routine

The eSpares Appliance Exercise Routine!

What’s so great about this routine? You’re already doing it!

That’s right, we’re not just about fixing your appliances, we want to help you stay fit too! If your finding it hard to keep up with your exercise regime as well as cooking, cleaning and fixing your appliances, we’ve got the solution! Behold, our very own appliance themed workout routine!

If you’ve ever done the awkward lunge to check your ovens still on or circled your dishwasher drum to check it’s still spinning, then let me tell you you’re halfway there! With our help, you can turn these everyday moves into some serious workouts and say goodbye to the expensive gym memberships!

Check out the eSpares team who volunteered (ahem were bribed) to give them a try! Trust us, you’re sure to break a sweat!

Step 1 – The Dish Drop

First up is the Dish Drop. If you’re no stranger to the dishwasher, you’ll know the obscene amount of times you need to stand up, bend down, stand up, bend down and so on. So, next time you fill the washer, bend your legs, stick out your bum and voila, you’ve just completed some killer squats! (and maybe a brand new dance move)

Step 2 – Fresh Floss

You’ve heard of the floss but you’ve no clue how to do it. But what if we told you its the same as spraying your air freshener in different directions (just with a little added flair!) Simply place your arms down by your side and move them around your waist in a teeth flossing motion, swinging your hips in the opposite direction. And don’t forget to spray! You can even use if for all your cleaning duties too!

Step 3 – The Sock Spinner

Ever checked to see if your washer drum is still spinning? Or if there are any rogue socks hanging around? Then you’re performing a seriously useful workout! Mix it up by using both hands and squat as low as you can go to get a full-body workout!

Step 4 – Oven Lunger

Realised you’ve left the oven on or not turned it on all? We’ve all made that quick dash or awkward slide to the oven door! Well add in some lunges and you’ve just pulled off the Oven Lunger!

Step 5 – The Toe Breaker

And last but not least, the Toe Breaker! Possibly the most relate-able. Remember that time when you dropped your tools on your foot and did some kind of weird leg dance, well we’ve got the ideal way to style it out! Channel your pain into an exercise and you’re ready for the new trend.

When you’ve got the hang of it, see below for the more advanced version!

So there you have it, everything you need to get fit without even having to leave the house! Give it a try and send us your attempts. (They can’t be any worse than ours!)

Happy exercising!

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