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Appliance maintenance jobs to fill your extra time

If we had a pound for every time we said ‘I’ll do it later” we’d all be millionaires by now!

Unfortunately, we don’t and those jobs are still hanging around! So, now is the perfect chance to get all those household chores out of the way and give ourselves a big pat on the back!

Here are some appliance maintenance jobs to do in your spare time as well as some tips and tricks to make them a whole lot easier!

Tackle the Oven 

Hands Cleaning Oven Shelves

Not the most glamorous of jobs, we know. But, with all the daily jobs it helps with from bulk cooking to preparing healthy meals to cake making,chances are your ovenneeds a god clean. Here goes!

The inside
First, remove everything from your oven and make sure it’s cold. Spray the inside with a specialised oven cleaner, leave to soak for one hour then simply wipe away with a microfibre cloth. That’s right, no scrubbing! For stubborn stains, you can leave the cleaner on overnight and wipe it away in the morning.

The outside 
If you have a stainless steel oven, use a specialised stainless steel cleaner and be sure to wipe in the motion of the grain. Check out our tips on cleaning stainless steel for some more handy advice. For other materials, stick with warm soapy water and use a glass cleaner to wipe the oven window.

The hobs
Next up, the hob! Use a gentle hob cleaner and a microfibre cloth to remove grease, stuck-on food and water marks. This will leave a protective coating on your hob to make the next clean even easier! For stubborn stains, use a hob scraper to gently remove dirt.

The lemon trick! 
Keep your oven smelling fresh by using only lemon and vanilla! Here’s how:

  1. Fill an ovenproof bowl with water and add a few drops of lemon or vanilla.
  2. Heat the bowl inside the oven at 300 degrees for an hour.
  3. Open your oven and enjoy the fresh lemon or vanilla scent.

Check on the Cooker Hood  

Cooker Hood Lit Up

Keeping your cooker hood in good condition is essential to get the best possible performance. Make sure you’re regularly changing your cooker hood filter because if you haven’t done so in a while, it might be time.

Here’s our easy-to-follow how-to video to show you how it’s done!


Take Care of Your Fridge, Take Care of Your Food

Woman Cleaning Fridge Shelves

Your fridge works 24/7 to keep your essentials cool and fresh for when you need them. Give it something back with a good bit of maintenance and cleaning.

The clean
Use a specialist fridge cleaner to clean the inside of your fridge and the shelves. Give the outside a wipe using warm, soapy water or use a dedicated cleaner if your appliance is stainless steel.

Check the filters 
Your fridge water filter should be replaced every 6 months to ensure clean water, reduce contaminants, and prevent bacteria. If yours is due a change, why not do it while you’ve got the time!

Keep it fresh 
With lots of different types of food in your fridge, it’s not unusual for it to develop some smells. Keep it fresh by using a fridge odour absorber. Small and compact, this little gizmo won’t take up much space in your already packed fridge but will help to neutralise strong smells and leave your fridge and kitchen fresh once again.


Microwave Maintenance

Hands Cleaning Microwave

As the super easy option for cooking, your microwave gets a lot of use too! Make sure you keep it clean and working at its best.

The cleaning
Clean your microwave both inside and out by using a specific microwave cleaner. Remove burnt-on food residue and grease and keep bad smells at bay by spraying on the cleaner and wiping with a microfibre cloth


Wash your Washer 

Close Up On Washing Machine

Appliances that clean also need cleaning too!

Clean and Descale 
Cleaning and descaling your washing machine regularly is extremely important. If you find your washer hasn’t been performing at it’s best, it could be due to a build-up of limescale and detergent. A washing machine cleaner and descaler will cleanse your machine, removing limescale, detergent and grease build-up and keep it working in top condition.


Look after the little things

Coffee Cup In Coffee machine

Your mini everyday heroes such as your kettle, coffee machine and iron, can often get forgotten about – but boy do we need them! Be sure to take care of the small appliances too by using a descaler specifically for kettles, irons and coffee machines.

Descaling takes less than 20 minutes and protects your mini-essentials from element damage and limescale build-up, keeping them lasting for longer. Limescale remover can also be used to clean taps, showerheads and sink plugs.

This list should not only keep you busy but also keep your appliances in great condition!If you’re now in the mood for a clean, check out these other appliances not to be missed in your spring cleaning.

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