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6 Inspirational DIY Accounts You Should Be Following

Here at eSpares, we’re very much in favour of the fix-it-yourself mindset, especially when it comes to appliances. That got us thinking… what else around the home could we apply this mentality to?

We’ve done a bit of digging and found a bunch of people who think the same way as us. Even better, they share their amazing work on social media for everyone to see. From hacks for your household chores to building secret doors in your home, these 6 DIY accounts are sure to inspire you to have a go yourself!

1) Family Handyman

The Family Handyman offers a selection of step-by-step projects and ideas, alongside links to a series of DIY related articles. We’ve picked out one of their top posts that should tickle your fancy… A handmade tool caddy for all your DIY tools! What better way to keep your collection organised? Some other highlights of this page include a guide on how to build a storage cabinet and handy tips for DIY electrical work.

2) Fix This Build That

Run by a guy called Brad Rodriguez, Fix This Build That is a woodworking and DIY focused page, showcasing the projects he takes on. Brad also offers additional pages where he posts about his followers’ creations, plus a podcast and YouTube channel. Below is a post we found really cool – a smart charging station for all your tech! We understand that this may be more on the advanced end of the scale, but don’t worry, Brad offers How-To-Guides with a variety of difficulty levels.

3) Blossom

This much-loved page offers a whole host of DIY tips and tricks to make everyday life easier. Although some of you may already have strong opinions on the right way to fold laundry, the below video offers some alternative space-saving techniques that you might just want to adopt. Some other topics they cover include life hacks and money-saving ideas for food, clothes, and cleaning. We don’t know about you, but we’re addicted already!

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Fold up! And watch these clever folding hacks!

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4) Do It Yourself

Have you ever watched a murder mystery or fantasy film and been super jealous of the cool hidden passageways and rooms? Well, now you no longer have to be with this in-depth guide on how to build a hidden bookcase door. This is just one of the amazing projects that Do It Yourself share with their followers. Another example is how to build your own wooden go-kart! If you’re looking for more practical advice, they also show you how to build items like towel racks and offer tips about cleaning and saving money.

5) Handyman’s Daughter

Showcasing that everyone can DIY, the Handyman’s daughter is a self-proclaimed stay-at-home mum to her eleven-year-old kid who discovered her passion for inspiring others to remake their homes. She describes herself as an amateur woodworker, but her projects are pretty impressive, as shown below with this cute planter box display. Some of her other work revolves around perfect drilling techniques and showcasing a whole bunch of DIY projects for the home and garden.

6) Bob Vila

Affectionately nicknamed ‘America’s Handyman’, Bob Vila’s official twitter account is full of informative tips for home DIY. The post below is just one of the many examples of the work he shares with his large follower count.

Bonus Tip!

Facebook has tonnes of great groups to join for inspiration. We recommend the following as they offer tips and inspiration for a fabulous house without breaking the bank!

Did you give any of these accounts a follow or see a project you want to try out? Let us know! We love to hear your fix-it stories.

If you love DIY and fixing as much as us, we recommend checking out our newest quiz that will tell you exactly what type of fixer-upper you are.

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