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What Type of Fixer-Upper Are You?

When it comes to how we tackle DIY, we are a pretty varied bunch. Some of us take on a project straight away and read the instructions front to back, while some of us procrastinate until the fixing fever suddenly hits and spend an entire weekend on a job, never once looking at an instruction manual.

Either of these sound familiar? Well, in this short quiz you can discover exactly what type of fixer-upper you relate most to. Are you an organised DIY-er? Or more of a spontaneous fixer? Find out now!


So, what type of fixer-upper did you get? Did we get it right? Let us know!

As well as thinking about the different types of fixers there are, we have recently been considering how repairs themself have altered in the past few years. Why not check out our latest article discussing how appliance repairs have changed over the past decade? 

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