25 Festive Good Deeds for your Reverse Advent Calendar

Everyone knows that one of the staple items of the Christmas period is the advent calendar. However, this year, instead of gaining something for yourself, why not offer something to someone else? Below are some examples of good deeds you can carry out to create your very own Reverse Advent Calendar.

1. Buy lunch for the homeless. Living on the streets is a terrible predicament and only made worse by the cold weather of the festive season. Spare a few coins to fill their stomach for the day and make Christmas a little bit easier.


2. Call your elderly relatives. Reduced mobility and health conditions can often leave the older generation isolated. Make sure to pick up the phone this Christmas and check they are doing okay, making the effort to include them in festivities.


3. Put spare change in collection boxes. A little can go a long way, especially if everyone was to donate their loose coins! So, whenever you find yourself with a little extra change, pop it in a nearby collection box.


4. Babysit for free. Having children can massively affect your social life, especially around Christmas. Offer to watch a friend’s kids for free one night to allow them a chance to relax. Who knows, maybe they will do the same for you!


5. Donate to a food bank. We all know that one major aspect of Christmas is eating more food than your stomach can handle. However, some families often go hungry every night of the year. Help them with their Christmas dinner by donating to your local food bank.


6. Leave spare change in a vending machine. If you have ever approached a vending machine to find someone has forgotten to take their change, you know what a joyous feeling it is. Give this emotion to someone else by purposefully leaving some cash behind.


7. Donate toys to charity. Charities are always looking for toys, especially around Christmas when a lot of children won’t even receive one present. Put a smile on a kid’s face this Christmas day by donating some toys to a local organisation.


8. Bake for co-workers or neighbours. Since we don’t live in the world of an American rom-com, we very rarely receive home-baked treats from those around us. Why not surprise a colleague or neighbour with a batch of cookies (plus you can eat some yourself!).


9. Let someone eat your advent calendar chocolate. We all know that the tiny morsel you receive from your advent calendar each day is incredibly valuable. Therefore, it is the perfect way to show you love someone by offering it out.  If you don’t have an advent calendar, why on earth not!?


10. Leave generous tips for waiting staff. Those working in hospitality over the festive season often have to deal with busier hours and irate customers. Brighten up their day by leaving a substantial tip for their hard work.


11. Offer to wrap someone else’s Christmas gifts. Every year the gigantic pile of presents waiting to be wrapped is incredibly daunting, especially for those with an extended family. Why not offer to help with a loved one’s list. They will definitely appreciate it.


12. Leave the pound in the shopping trolley. Is there anything worse than getting to the supermarket and realising you don’t have a pound for the trolley? Why not leave yours for the next person to find and make their shopping experience so much easier.


13. Buy Charity Christmas cards. On major holidays, charity shops often sell their own brands of cards in order to raise money for their cause. Support a chosen organisation this Christmas by stocking up on some of their festive designs.


14. Drop off supplies to an animal shelter. All charities, animal shelters included, often rely on kind donations from the public. Even if you can’t adopt them or offer your time to look after them, a small donation of food or other supplies makes a big difference.


15. Donate baby products to a women’s shelter. Often women who seek the safety of a shelter have a child in tow. Ensure these bouncing babies are well supplied in nappies and clothes for the winter!


16. Hug someone. Physical contact is not only thought to reduce stress, but also improve your immune system. Give someone the gift of a cuddle and improve their mental and physical health while you’re at it!


17. Pay for a stranger’s coffee. When you are next in Starbucks ordering a beverage, consider paying for the individual behind you. Whether they are having a good or a bad day, this small act is sure to make it even better.  A couple of quid for some caffeinated karma is a steal.


18. Leave random notes of kindness in public. Seeing an uplifting or touching message as you go about your day does wonders for your mood. The best thing about them is that they are completely free and easy to do. Leave a little line of happiness for whoever happens to stumble across your note.


19. Smile at everyone you see. Did you know that smiling is more contagious than the flu? But unlike the flu, not only will it benefit everyone you meet but will make you feel better too, as it is proven to significantly reduce blood pressure and stress.


20. Defrost someone’s car. When making the icy trek to your car in the mornings, take the time one day to not only sweep the sleet off your own vehicle but your neighbours too. They will love you for the extra time saved and the chance to get to work on time.


21. Carol singing. What’s better than singing your favourite Christmas tunes? Singing your favourite Christmas tunes to raise money for charity! Gather the gang together and get those vocal cords warmed up for a fun and interactive way of supporting a good cause.


22. Volunteer at a soup kitchen. Contrary to its name, a soup kitchen serves a whole host of freshly cooked, hot meals for those less fortunate, not just soup. Even if you aren’t the savviest in the kitchen, these establishments are always looking for help preparing or serving food.


23. Feed the birds. Humans aren’t the only ones that go hungry in the colder months; birds can also fall prey to the harsher elements. Supplementing their diet with food that has high fat or oil content, such as seeds, is the perfect way to ensure they survive the winter weather.


24. Pick up litter. When people throw rubbish on the floor instead of a designated bin, it not only appears rather unsightly but causes danger for surrounding animals who may eat it. Keeping the environment clean helps the entire planet, so designating a day to complete a neighbourhood cleanup helps everyone!


25. Offer to wash or dry up after Christmas dinner. Perhaps the most scary-looking task on this list, the gigantic stack of washing up after Christmas dinner is a frightening prospect. However, by working together to get it done, it takes the burden off one person and is a great group achievement.


Which of these are you thinking of trying out? Let us know! If you enjoyed reading these 25 good deeds, why not have a look at the 25 worst things that ruined your childhood Christmas?

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