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Things to do on Christmas Day Instead of Watching TV

Christmas specials, films and game shows are back to back on Christmas day, so it can be hard not to spend the whole day sitting in front of the box!

Christmas is meant to be a time spent with family, enjoying each others company and hearing about how much you and your children have grown from your distant relatives! So, instead of letting the TV take over your Christmas, try doing some of these things.

It’s only a day after all!

Instead of watching game shows, play board games!

Merry Christmas Spelling Out Merry Christmas

Nothing says Christmas more than fighting with your sibling over who has the most monopoly money! Despite the family disputes, board games or classics such as charades are so much more fun than watching people play on television. But, if the feuds get too much monopoly has a helpline to help settle any family arguments (we’re not joking!)

Instead of soap specials, catch up with friends

Group Of Friends Talking Over Coffee

It may not be as scandalous as a soap story line (well you never know) but catching up with friends is much more important! Give them a call, pop round with some presents or catch up over a glass of wine and have a good old natter!

Instead of kids TV, play with new toys!

Father Playing With Daughter And Her Toys

Kids Christmas films are great, but it’s rare that all the family are around to play with their new toys! Spend the morning being a superhero, dressing up dolls or or even playing in their new den made from cardboard boxes!

Instead of TV while cooking, play music!

Woman Singing Into Broccoli In Kitchen

Nothing gets you in the Christmas spirit more than blasting ‘All I want for Christmas’ and giving it your best high note (move over Mariah!) And nothing takes the stress out of cooking dinner more than hearing your family belt out an out of tune ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas.’ If anything, it will make you want to do it quicker! *covers ears*

Instead of watching the Queen’s Speech, make your own!

Family Laughing During Christmas Dinner

Ok, so you don’t have to plan out a whole formal speech and put it on a live feed! But, instead of sitting in silence watching the speech, why not go around the table and ask your loved ones to talk about their favourite moments of the year and their hopes and ambitions for the next! It’s a great way to get everyone talking and enjoy being together. (You can always watch the speech later if you must!)

We’re not saying ban Christmas TV all together, but instead of spending the whole day watching it, you could be enjoying time with your loved ones instead! Tell us what you get up to on Christmas day in the comments below.

If you’re searching for Christmas gifts that will last longer for just a day, check out our Christmas gift guide.

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