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The Anti-Consumerist Guide To Christmas Gifts

It’s Christmas Eve and every year you’ve promised yourself you’ll do your shopping early, but this year is no different! You think about rushing to the shops and spending crazy amounts of money on presents that will pushed to one side in a matter of days. So why not change the meaning of Christmas this year?

It doesn’t have to be all about consumerism and who can get the best gift! Christmas is about spending time with your loved ones and remembering what and who matters. (Excuse the preach!)

But if you really truly want to get a gift, give them something meaningful, something that says you know them, something you haven’t rushed to the shops for on Christmas Eve and grabbed because it was the only thing left on the shelf!

Here are some top gift ideas that are sure to last for longer than just a day…

Grow a Gift

Green Plant Grown Into A Heart Shape

For your green fingered friends, why not grow them a plant or gift them some seeds! It could be their favourite flower or plants that remind you of them. This gift will continue to grow and be more than just a one day wonder!

Gift a Skill

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Why not offer to help someone learn to drive or teach them to play golf or other sports they may be in to. You could even help someone who is redecorating or needs odd jobs doing around the house. These types of presents will show just how much you care and could teach a skill they will remember for a lifetime!

Plan an Experience

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Experiences are the best kind of gifts. Show someone you really know them by taking them to see their favourite band or favourite team play, for a relaxing spa day or just out to the cinema and a meal! An experience is something you can share together, create new memories and make the excitement last longer than just one day.

Make Something

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Put your creative skills to the test and make your loved one a gift! If you can knit, make gloves, hats or scarfs for the cold; if you’re good at woodwork then make them a dolls house, a den or a new cabinet. You don’t have to be talented in a particular skill to make something memorable, why not put together a picture book of all your memories together, create a photo frame that they can keep forever. Memories and crafted items show thought and care, much more than something bought in a hurry!

Bake a Cake

Baking Ingredients On Wooden Board

Is there a better gift than your favourite food? Surely not! If you’re popping round for dinner over the festive season, why not bake a cake or a delicious dessert or even make some nibbles. Food is something everyone can enjoy and will give you the chance to bring out your inner chef!

Restore a Prized Possession

Jewellery Box With Antique Jewellery

If your loved ones have a piece of heirloom jewellery, a favourite pottery set, old photographs or instruments stuck up the attic, why not get them restored! If jewellery or watches have broken, you can take out the gems and make them into something new, you could revamp an old guitar and let them play it for you, make their favourite band t-shirts into a bed sheet or turn a baby’s old blankets into a quilt and keep their keep good memories alive!

Gift a Charity Donation

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If you’re stuck for what to get, why not give a donation in their name to a charity close to their heart or adopt an endangered animal. You can’t beat the warm feeling of having given to a great cause and some charities will keep them updated on how their donation is helping.


Family Gathered Round At Christmas

Sometimes all your family and friends want for Christmas is to spend time with you! If you haven’t seen some of your close ones in a while, take a trip to see them over Christmas, spend some time together doing things you both love. Take your parents out for coffee and stroll, offer to cook dinner for your grandparents, they will be happiest that you’re just there!

Tell us about the unconventional gifts you’ve given to your loved ones!

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