Christmas Dinner Laid Out On Table

Delicious Recipes For Your Christmas Dinner Leftovers!

Have you eaten so much you couldn’t possibly take another bite but still have enough food to feed a small army? Well, waste not want not my friends because we’ve got some seriously delicious leftover recipes that are sure to get your Boxing Day taste buds tingling!

Christmas may have finished, but the food glory can live on! Whether it’s too many sprouts, turkey overload or far too many pigs in blankets were made (if that’s even possible) thanks to these super savvy food bloggers, we’ve got recipes for it all!

The Ultimate Turkey Sandwich

Turkey Sandwich With Stuffing And Cranberry
Credit: The Speckled Palate

Is it even Christmas night without a turkey sandwich? Who cares if you’re full, there’s always room for this little treat (and maybe some Yule Log for afters!) Here’s a way you can use up some dinner leftovers and enjoy this well-deserved Christmas tradition! It combines a great combination of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and gravy! Yum!

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Christmas Leftover Pizza

Christmas pizza
Credit: Love Food Hate Waste 

If you’ve had enough roast dinner for one Christmas, but still have plenty leftover, why not put it all on a pizza! All you’ll need is some puff pastry, tomato passata and all the leftovers you want! Whether it’s turkey, stuffing, sausages, veg or cranberries, stick it all on and make yourself a festive pizza!

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Brussel Sprout Soup

Leftover Sprout And Vegetable Soup
Credit: Greedy Gourmet

We know what you’re thinking, sprouts are bad enough without having to endure them the next day too! But trust us, this vegetable medley soup has all the ingredients for a great-tasting and light treat. Add in any leftover veg and even your roast potatoes or mash, stir in some vegetable stock and there you have it, a delicious and healthy soup!

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Cheese Board Macaroni

Leftover Cheeseboard Macaroni Bake
Credit: Jam and Clotted Cream

We’re not sure it’s possible to have cheese leftover, but if you do find you went too far with the cheese board, why not use the leftovers to make a delicious macaroni cheese! Use all your different types of cheese for an extra special taste and, if you’ve got bacon or chicken to spare, why not put that in too!

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Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate Truffles Made From Leftover Desserts
Credit: Kopiaste

Even if we’ve eaten far too much in the day, there is always room for dessert! But if you’ve already had too much Christmas cake and fancy something different, use the leftovers to make something new, like these delightful looking chocolate truffles! You can’t go wrong.

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