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How Long Do We Spend Cleaning Our Homes?

A new study has found that more than half of us spend an average of 260 hours per year cleaning our homes – which is the equivalent to 10 whole days!

The study, conducted by Harvey Water Softeners in partnership with TalkHealth, found that 47% of its respondents spend more than 5 hours a week on household cleaning chores and nearly 32% are loosing 10 hours a week being a slave to their feather duster!

The results come after a recent study revealed that 39 percent of Brits would rather chuck their dirty appliance rather than clean it.

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We’re all for keeping your home and appliances clean to prevent dust, dirt, and damages. But it doesn’t have to be such a chore!

So, on a mission to prove that domestic cleaning doesn’t have to be daunting, we’ve got 10 simple tips to ensure your household cleaning doesn’t take over your life!

Plan, Plan and Plan Some More!

Calendar With Circled Days And Sponge

Some people love a checklist, others despise them! But where cleanings concerned, planning your chores can save you from the cleaning fear! Break down your cleaning list and plan two or three to do each day and leave the bigger ones to once a week or once a month. This will stop you from trying to cram them all into one day and ensure your home stays clean and tidy!

Prioritise Your Cleaning

Person Cleaning Tiled Floor With Mop

Work out the chores that need doing daily such as making beds, emptying the dishwasher and wiping down kitchen surfaces, and separate these from jobs that need doing less often such as deep cleaning appliances and cleaning windows. Those that need daily assistance should be your top priority and the rest can simply be slotted in when you have more time.

Know When it’s ‘Clean Enough’

Woman In Rubber Gloves Looking Stressed

If you’re a perfectionist, this is probably a hard one! But believe it or not your house can be relatively clean and tidy without everything having to be perfect. Remember, not every spec of dust needs to be removed and not every nook and cranny needs to be attacked every time you clean! This doesn’t mean never clean them, but maybe save them for your deep cleaning routine, rather than your daily chores.

Get the Whole Family Involved

Father And Two Sons Doing Household Chores

Cleaning isn’t just a one-player game! You may think it’s quicker and easier to just do it yourself, but splitting jobs will mean your chores get done a lot quicker and a lot more often. Why not turn it into a game for the little ones or offer a reward for doing a good job! (anything to get them used to the feather duster!)

Do One Load a Day

Basket Of Laundry Overflowing

A load a day keeps the pile away! It’s easy to get bogged down with laundry to the point where it’s taking over your home! So, don’t leave it to just one day and spread it out throughout the week. Sort your pile into what you’ll need most, like workwear and sheets at the start of the week, then you can get your party gear out ready for the weekend.

Keep Cleaning Supplies Close to Where They are Needed

Cleaning Supplies On Kitchen Counter

Keep bathroom cleaners in the bathroom, toilet cleaner by the toilet, surface cleaner in the kitchen… you get the drift! As simple as it sounds this can be extremely useful. If your in a room for another reason why not just quickly wipe down a surface or put some cleaner down the toilet. You’ll minimise chores without taking too much time out of your day.

Never Leave a Room Empty-Handed

Pile Of Cups On Shelf

If you’re a serial cup hoarder, like many of us you’ll know the troubles of trying to carry a pile of cups to the kitchen all at one time (guilty!) Instead, whenever you leave a room, have a quick scan of anything that needs moving. Take cups into the kitchen, fresh laundry into bedrooms and you can tick it off your cleaning checklist! (no, we’re not letting that one go!)

For more handy hints and tips for easy cleaning, check out these 20 time saving cleaning hacks.

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