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Terrifying Count Confidence Drains Self-Belief from Thousands

Victims of Count Confidence on the rise

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horrible monster known as Count Confidence is lurking in homes, waiting for appliances to break down. When they do, the Count seizes his opportunity and sucks the confidence right out of the appliance owners, making them feel like they won’t be able to fix their machines themselves.

While the Count feasts on the confidence he’s drained, appliance owners are left desperately searching for alternatives like hiring an expensive appliance engineer or even buying a brand new machine.

KW from Manchester narrowly escaped the Count’s evil ways:

“Having bought a retainer clamp for my washing machine door seal I was hopeful (if slightly sceptical) that the part would a) fit, b) be of good quality and c) arrive quickly. Three out of three is pretty perfect. Along with a great price, it proved to be an easy fix that has given me the confidence to at least try to fix something else before writing it off.”

It’s not a stake through the heart but a spare part that can stop the Count in his tracks. CS from Aberdeenshire who also had a near-miss with Count Confidence explains:

“Another really helpful video from eSpares and a great price for a replacement fridge freezer thermostat gave me the confidence to try the repair job.”

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“I was really happy with the result.”

It seems that eSpares have the key to defeating Count Confidence.

We take people through repairs step by step to give them the confidence they need

Chris @ eSpares, Appliance Engineer

We approached Chris, one of eSpares’ experienced appliance engineers to get his advice:

“Some people think that appliance repairs are far too difficult for them to do.

“The truth is most repairs simply involve a bit of unscrewing, removing an old broken part, inserting a shiny new one then putting the appliance back together again.

“When you know what to do it’s simple and that’s where our how-to videos come in. We take people through repairs step by step to give them the confidence they need to vanquish this cruel count for good.”

Feel like you wouldn’t be able to fix your appliance yourself? We strongly advise anyone who has had their self-belief sucked out by Count Confidence to contact eSpares. With their help, this fiend can count on being defeated.

Are you aware of all the threats to your appliances and your home? Read up on reports of Count Confidence’s dastardly friends the Money Monster and the Time Terror.

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