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We’re Abseiling In Support of John Taylor Hospice!

Look up. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, it’s the eSpares team hanging from the side of a 170ft building! That’s right, on the 8th July a group of us will be abseiling from the top of a rather tall hotel. Sounds crazy, but there’s a method to the madness. It’s all in aid of a very good cause.

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What Exactly Will We Be Doing?

We’ll be fighting vertigo, working out our abdominal muscles and channelling our inner superheroes as we walk our way down the side of the hotel to raise money for John Taylor Hospice.

Over the next couple of months, we’re encouraging our customers to give repairing their appliances a try, even if they find it a little bit scary, so that they can become heroes of their households. So it wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t do something a little bit scary too.

Hopefully, when we’re dangling high up in the air we’ll feel like heroes!


Why Are We Supporting This Charity?

We’ve supported John Taylor Hospice for a number of years now. The hospice is close to our offices and does amazing work providing respite care for the terminally ill and supporting families through the hardest of times.

One of our teammates has had a personal experience with the hospice, so it’s a charity that’s especially close to our hearts too.

We’re aiming to raise £750 for the hospice before we take the plunge! You can keep tabs on our progress via our fundraising page.

Park Regis Hotel From Below

Where Will the Event Take Place?

The building we’ll be getting up close and personal with is the Park Regis Hotel in Birmingham city centre.

Luckily, they have a pretty awesome luxury Sky Bar so spectators can grab a drink and we can relax in it afterwards. (Although the bar is on the 16th floor so there’s a chance we may prefer to keep our feet on solid ground!)

If any of you are in the area on the day, look up and give us a wave.


When Is It?

8th July at around 12.30pm. Not long to go at all!

Who’s Abseiling?

There are five willing members of the eSpares team who are taking part, holding varying levels of fear in their hearts.

Face Of Kat On White Background


Kat is showing bravado.

I’m excited to see the view at the top, but I’m more excited for a celebratory drink afterwards!

Face Of Dan On White Background


Dan talks the talk, but we’ll see if he’s singing the same tune when faced with a 16 storey drop!

I only wish I could do it hanging upside down and go multiple times, although I am up for drinks as well!


Face Of Ben On White Background


Ben, who always keeps a jar of Nutella on his desk for his morning toast is already thinking tactics.

I’m planning not to look down. I’ll take a pot of Nutella with me as a distraction.

Face Of Eleanor On White Background


Eleanor is using denial as a coping mechanism.

Every time I drive past the Park Regis hotel I get a little bit of panic rising up, but I push it back down. No idea what I’ll be like on the day!

Face Of Mariya On White Background


Mariya is wondering if she made a terrible mistake signing up.

Flippin… I’m gonna swear a lot, that’s all I know. I don’t know whether to have some alcohol or if I need a hug.

Have any of you blog readers ever tried abseiling? The day of the event is nearly upon us so if so, please do share your tips and advice with us in the comments below (or on our Facebook page if you prefer)!

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