21 Tips That Will Make Travelling a Breeze

Some say travel broadens the mind. Some say travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. Some say they don’t really care about travel quotes; they just want an excuse to lie on the beach for a week. Whichever category you fall under, we want to make sure you have the perfect time on your travels.

These travel tips will make sure your trip is smooth sailing (and smooth flying, driving and planning too).

Person Packing A Holiday Suitcase

Packing Your Case

  1. Don’t forget essentials like travel adaptors on trips abroad. Once you leave the international no man’s land of the airport it’s really tricky to find the right one to fit your plugs (yes, we’ve found this out the hard way).
  2. Roll up the clothes you pack rather than folding them for maximum space efficiency with minimum creases.
  3. Pop a fragranced tumble dryer sheet in with your clothes to give them that lovely laundry fresh smell.
  4. Prepare for long plane, train or coach journeys by packing portable chargers, so that even if your mode of transport doesn’t provide plug sockets you can still stay plugged into your tech.
  5. Clean up your act! To avoid throwing dirty clothes in your suitcase along with your clean items, pack a lightweight collapsible laundry bag to keep garments tidy and separate.
  6. Sandy sandals and muddy walking boots won’t ruin your case ever again as long as you pack some plastic shower caps to store them in when they’re dirty.

Pin In Paper Map

Before You Travel

  1. Let your banks know that you’re going abroad if you’re planning to use your cards. Otherwise, they might suspect suspicious activity, leaving you without funds for souvenirs. Disaster.
  2. Check distances before you book accommodation to make sure your hotel, villa or campsite really is within easy access of the city centre, beach or wherever else the website claims.
  3. If you’re travelling to America, London or Dubai a handy little website called Smart Destinations lets you pre-book popular attractions at discount prices.

Plane Flying At Sunset

Air Travel Tips

  1. This smart way to weigh bags blew us away. Get on the scales and weigh yourself then weigh yourself holding your bag. The difference is how much the case weighs. So simple yet so clever.
  2. Don’t pay for overpriced airport water! Take an empty bottle through security that you can fill up once you’ve put your shoes back on and reclaimed your hand luggage from the X-ray machine.
  3. If that moment you’ve been dreading happens and you go over the luggage weight limit, wear as many clothes as possible so you don’t have to bin them. You can also change your shoes so you are wearing your heaviest pair if you’re not doing so already.

Woman On Phone On The Beach

Handy Apps and Technology

  1. Travel Money Card app from the Post Office – A Travel Money Card lets you pre-load money onto it so you don’t have to carry lots of cash. You can withdraw cash or use the card abroad without getting charged any fees. Even better the accompanying app lets you manage your money from your smartphone.
  2. Airbnb – This super popular travel app is not just for accommodation anymore. You can also use it to find great ideas for things to do whilst on your travels.
  3. Uber – Even if you’re not exactly sure where you are, Uber will pinpoint your location and let you order a taxi to get you back to base. You don’t need cash either, it’s all charged to your card.
  4. Google Photos/Microsoft OneDrive/iCloud Photo Library– Make the most of online storage and back your pictures up automatically. That way if disaster strikes and something happens to your phone, you don’t lose all of your irreplaceable holiday mementos.
  5. Google Maps – You’re never truly lost if you’ve got signal and Google Maps installed on your phone! This map app helps you find your way around a new place, can tell you what public transport you need to get to reach your required destination and if you can hold down on an area of the map you can also add a pinpoint to find your way back to that specific spot.

Souvenir Shop With Souvenirs

Whilst You’re Away

  1. If you’re in a hot country and you’re carrying a water bottle around with you to stay hydrated (because you’re smart like that) pop a peppermint teabag inside it. Your water will stay refreshing and be more pleasant once it gets lukewarm from the heat.
  2. For savvy souvenir shopping, have a list of people you want to buy for so you don’t get enticed by the tourist trap gift shops. Otherwise, you may feel a hefty amount of buyer’s remorse once you get home.
  3. If you forget your phone charger and you’re staying in a hotel, check with reception. They’ll usually have plenty of chargers you can borrow that other people have accidentally left behind. Knowing you’re saving someone else’s day makes you feel a bit better if you ever forget your charger too!
  4. On the last day of your trip keep an eye out for homeless people and charity tins and give them all of the loose change that’ll be useless as soon as you get home. You’ll leave on a feel-good high!

Travel tips imparted! Now, all that’s left to do is wish you bon voyage and leave you with this list of handy travel accessories to take with you in your holiday case.

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