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6 Travel Essentials to Remember in Your Holiday Case

Holidays are for exploring unfamiliar and exotic places, relaxing with sand between your toes and eating excessive amounts of ice cream (or let’s face it, just excessive amounts of food in general). But if you’ve not packed the right travel essentials, you may find yourself negotiating foreign tech stores to try and find a compatible travel plug instead. Or tossing the contents of your suitcase, underwear and all, onto the airport floor in an attempt to get your bags under the weight limit.

You’ve no doubt got sun cream, swimwear and sandals packed and ready for your trip away, but before you zip up your case peruse our checklist of essential accessories to add for a truly blissful holiday.

Ultimate Travel Essentials - Universal USB Travel Adaptor
Travel Adapters – The Ultimate Travel Essentials

A travel adaptor is an undeniably important addition to your case if you’re going abroad. Without an adaptor you’ll be faced with a dead phone, lifeless camera, cold hair straighteners – need we go on? Whilst you’ve hopefully already got a travel adaptor on your “to pack” list, don’t stop at one. Take two or three with you in case one is faulty or you want to charge multiple items of tech at the same time. If your phone or tablet has a USB charger there are also travel adaptors out there with USB charging connections that are reversible so you can use them as a plug at home too.


Luggage Scales With Strap
Luggage Scales

The sky is the limit unless you’re flying with a budget airline in which case the limit for your luggage will be much more modest. You’ll probably check the weight of your luggage before leaving for the airport but if you don’t pack the luggage scales with you it’ll be guesswork on the way back. Don’t risk the embarrassing airport reshuffle – pop the scales in your suitcase so you can rest easy that your holiday souvenirs haven’t put your case over the weight limit.


Travel Mug With Coffee Press
Coffee Press Travel Mug

One for the caffeine addicts out there, if you’re getting up at the crack of dawn for a flight (or maybe even rising before the sun) a coffee fix will most likely be required. As ground coffee is usually stronger than instant, a travel mug with a built-in coffee press that lets you enjoy ground coffee on the go is a sure-fire way to give you a real boost. Pop the travel mug in your hand luggage and you can enjoy local loose leaf tea or ground coffee all holiday. Did you know cocoa beans contain a little caffeine too? So chocolate is another delicious way to get an energy boost, not to mention a great excuse to indulge!


Memory Card And Card Holder
Memory Card

A camera issue on holiday is an unquestionable tragedy. How else will you inspire jealousy amongst your nearest and dearest than with images of colourful local cuisine, glorious blue seas, and amazing scenic vistas? Photos are the lasting mementos of your travels so let nothing stand in the way of you and your lens. Ensure that there’s plenty of room on your memory card and pack a spare if necessary. A spare battery or a camera charger is also a holiday must if you’re the snap happy type. On the topic of memory cards, you may want to fill up another one in advance with your favourite music and movies to keep you entertained whilst travelling.


Green Plastic Travel Hangers
Travel Hangers

Do you find there are never enough hangers in your villa, cottage or hotel room for your carefully selected holiday wardrobe? If you like to meticulously unpack and make yourself at home in your new surroundings you may find adding a couple of extra hangers to your case useful. Travel hangers take up less space so stock up! If you’re super organised you can even pack your clothes on the hangers so all you have to do when you get to your destination is to hang them straight up.


Pegless Travel Washing Line
Pegless Washing Line

Putting on a damp swimming costume is pretty grim. That’s why we think a pegless washing line is such a good item to take away with you on your travels. It doesn’t take up much space or weigh much, but a washing line which you can hook up on your balcony or in your bathroom is very useful for drying bikinis and swimming trunks. You don’t even need to pack pegs as your washing just slips in between the holes in the line to keep it secure. As an added bonus when you travel home again you won’t have to put damp items in your case.

If any of these travel essentials have tickled your fancy you can find them all on our site. Which travel essentials couldn’t you do without? And what’s the worst thing you’ve ever forgotten when you’ve gone away? Let us know in the comments!

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