Woman Doing Yoga Fitness Next To Washing Machine

Introducing the Ultimate Fitness Regime to Save You Time

Right. Forget crunches, press-ups, and jogging. Yes, you want to improve your fitness. Yes, you overindulged on pigs in blankets and mince pies over Christmas and now you’re feeling the guilt. But keep the money for an expensive gym membership firmly in your pocket where it belongs. There is an easier way.

Let us present the ultimate in multitasking. Burning calories and getting fit by doing simple chores around the home! Work up a sweat scrubbing out your oven, tone your arms vacuuming thick carpets and replace squats with bending down to load and unload the washing machine. Added bonus – adopt this fitness strategy and your home will be spotless literally all the time.

What are you waiting for?

Woman Loading The Dishwasher

Clean Eating (And by that we mean eating from clean dishes)

And bend and stretch and load that dishwasher.

Time: 15 minutes

Calories burned: 45

Scrubbing the burnt cheese sauce off the lasagne dish you forgot to soak.

Time: 10 minutes

Calories burned: 17

Sweeping up the smashed plate that just slipped out of your fingers (boohoo).

Time:  5 minutes

Calories burned: 13

Vacuum Cleaner On White Carpet

Suck Up Dirt (And suck in your waistline)

Untangling vacuum cable and cursing your lazy past self for not winding it up neatly.

Time:  5 minutes

Calories burned: 6

Pushing vacuum cleaner over thick, unwieldy carpet that’s hard to clean, but feels amazing underfoot (totally worth it).

Time: 20 minutes

Calories burned: 57

Taking the vacuum cleaner apart to find and remove the sock that you accidentally sucked up.

Time: 10 minutes

Calories burned: 12

Woman Preparing Dinner In Kitchen

Burn Calories (But not your dinner)

Carrying in groceries in from the car and regretting buying so many tins and heavy veggies.

Time:  15 minutes

Calories burned: 25

Preparing a wonderful gastronomic feast with lots of chopping, tenderising, sautéing and blanching (and feeling pretty smart for knowing what blanching means).

Time:  60 minutes

Calories burned: 102

Pacing about and opening the oven door 10 times to see if it’s done yet. (And getting blasted in the face with steam. Every. Single. Time.)

Time: 10 minutes

Calories burned: 28

Green Well Maintained Back Garden

Sculpt Your Garden (And your physique)

Working up a sweat mowing your lawn.

Time: 45 minutes

Calories burned: 230

Lopping off branches with a chainsaw and rocking the lumberjack/serial killer vibe.

Time: 30 minutes

Calories burned: 170

Planting all the little seedlings you’ve been nurturing and praying you don’t forget to water them.

Time: 60 minutes

Calories burned: 238

Man Painting With Green Paint

DIY Your Home (And your muscle tone)

Revamping your walls with a fresh coat of “Classic Duck Egg” blue.

Time: 120 minutes

Calories burned: 272

Repairing your blown oven element (using our enlightening YouTube video of course).

Time: 30 minutes

Calories burned: 119

Changing a light bulb, proving it only takes one person to do it.

Time: 4 minutes

Calories burned: 4

Walking around your house making sure everyone comes to admire the bulb you’ve just changed.

Time: 15 minutes

Calories burned: 34

Woman Loading Clothes Into Washing Machine

Do Laundry Loads (And burn loads of fat)

Lifting bundles of laundry into the machine.

Time:  5 minutes

Calories burned: 7

Pacing waiting for the door lock to release once your washing’s done.

Time: 10 minutes

Calories burned: 9

Hanging out clothes.

Time: 20 minutes

Calories burned: 23

Doing the ironing (which is hardly even a chore considering you can watch your favourite TV at the same time).

Time:  30 minutes

Calories burned: 44

Fitness Regime Complete!

Once you’ve completed all these chores that’s a whopping 1455 calories of energy you’ve used. Not too shabby for a fitness regime, considering 300 calories is equivalent to a 30 min jog!

So if you’re the type who loves pulling weights at the gym, pull your weight with the household chores too and you get an awesome looking home and delighted housemates in the bargain. What’s not to love?

All calorie counts based on stats taken from calorielab.com.

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