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At eSpares we are inundated with customer questions through our social media accounts, as well as our blog and we love to answer these questions as we know our answers help our customers fix their appliances for less.

To celebrate Fix It Week, we’ve randomly picked three customer questions we’ve been asked since the start of the year – along with the answers we’ve provided, in the hope that these questions will help you fix your appliance.

Washing Machine Faults:

The washing machine is one appliance which is used regularly and as such can suffer from wear and tear – which can result in faults developing.

It’s also one appliance which we are regularly asked questions about.

Bosch Washing Machine Faults:

Bosch washing machines are an ever popular choice of appliance, but this doesn’t mean they aren’t susceptible to the occasional fault. Thankfully, in most situations when a washing machine develops a fault it displays an error code, as highlighted by this question we received earlier this month via our YouTube channel…

“Hi eSpares. I have a problem with my Bosch washing machine Vario Perfect. It does not lock the door and not starting. It only indicates number 0, 1, or 2 when you change the washing programmes and a symbol for the door. Please assist me in this.”

From the information we received, our experienced team of engineers advised the customer to make sure the door was closing correctly and to also check the motor brushes for signs of wear. Along with advising of this, we also pointed our customer in the direction of our Bosch washing machine videos, to help them correctly diagnose the cause of the fault.

No Power in a Whirlpool Washing Machine:

Picture the scene, you’ve loaded your washing machine, set the right programme and switched the appliance on before going out. You would expect that on your return home, the laundry will be washed and ready to hang out on the line.

Unfortunately, in some situations your washing machine can have other ideas – as Ester found out earlier this year. Thankfully, she knew to come to eSpares for help with resolving the issue and left us this question…

“Hi eSpares, please could you help me. My Whirlpool washing machine WWCR 9430. I came home to find nothing displaying and no power to the display board. I have checked the plug, changed the socket and then changed a fuse. Do I need to change the thermostat?? Many thanks.”

Although Ester had already carried out some checks on her Whirlpool washing machine to try and locate the fault, she hadn’t been able to. Thankfully we had a video dating back to November 2013 which held information on how to diagnose washing machine control and program problems to help Ester fix her appliance.

Tumble Dryer Flashing Error Codes:

With winter fast approaching and the likelihood of being able to hang washing out to dry reducing, it seems appropriate to share at least one question we’ve been asked this year relating to tumble dryers.

As with washing machines, many models of tumble dryer display a fault code, enabling the user to diagnose the fault. But, as Milena found out in August, understanding what these codes mean can be difficult, but eSpares are always on hand to help.

“Hi, I have an Ariston/Hotpoint tumble dryer ASL70CX. It is flashing the Time Delay and Pre-Crease Care lights. Searching on the net it seems to be Error Code F12, communication problem. Can you help please? Thx”

Our engineer Chris, advised the fault would be due to the control board (which is also known as the display PCB) not being able to understand what the main module was doing, as a result of loose / contaminated connections or a faulty main module.

For many of us, fixing such a fault may sound difficult. Thankfully at eSpares, we are able to provide help and assistance, through a range of our tumble dryer repair videos – and we duly pointed Milena in their direction.

Whilst the above questions are only a small snapshot of those we get asked, our team are always happy to provide you with as much information as possible to help you fix your appliances.

After all, we understand replacing them can be faulty, so if you’re experiencing an issue with any appliance – from your washing machine and cooker, to your microwave, lawnmower and hedge trimmer – no matter how big or small, drop us a line and get our help.

When asking us a question about your appliance(s) or parts for them, please provide as much information as possible – including models numbers and / or brands – as this will ensure we’re able to provide you with the most accurate information.

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  1. Mr Maurice McPhillimey

    on October 25, 2015 at 10:17 pm - Reply

    Hello. I purchased Vax Impact 502 Pet, but I can find the spare filters for it on your list of Vax filters.
    Can you help where I can find it.
    Thank you…

  2. Mike

    on October 26, 2015 at 8:01 am - Reply

    Hello Maurice,
    Many thanks for contacting eSpares. You should be able to find the spare filters for your Vax via > However, if you cannot, if you pop onto you will be able to have a live chat with one of our advisers who will be able to help further.

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