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Fix It With Tools

Helping Customers Fix It During Fix It Week and Beyond

At eSpares we are inundated with customer questions through our social media accounts, as well as our blog and we love to answer these questions as we know our answers help our customers fix their appliances for less.

To celebrate Fix It Week, we’ve randomly picked three customer questions we’ve been asked since the start of the year – along with the answers we’ve provided, in the hope that these questions will help you fix your appliance.

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Fix Writen With Tools

Save Money & Fix It Yourself This Fix It Week

We’re all guilty of it, throwing away an appliance the moment it shows signs of developing a fault. In fact, it is estimated that we purchase 170 million new electrical items each year in the UK, but recycle less than a third when they reach the end of their life.

To encourage more people to fix their faulty/broken appliances, rather than throw them away and purchase new ones, at eSpares we’re supporting Fix It Week (October 19th – 25th) for the second consecutive year.

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