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Find the Superhero In Your Appliances

As a child there’s a very good chance that you had a favourite superhero, some of the names branded around the eSpares office include Batman, Superman, Wolverine, and some of my favourites Donatello, Michelangelo, Leonardo, and Raphael – also known as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, who were trained by, of all things, a rat (Splinter). Over the last few years, each of those making the list below has had a film (or two) made about them, with the latest TMNT film set to hit the big screen in mid-October.

But what do Batman, Wolverine, Wonder Woman, and co. have to do with household appliances and spare parts? In truth, not a lot, until you look outside of the box and begin to see your appliances for the superheroes that they are – and below, we take a look at some of the household appliance superheroes you’re likely to have.

The Batman and Robin:

Batman and Robin, potentially the ultimate crime-fighting duo, work in much the same way your as washing machine and tumble dryer as the ultimate dirt removing duo (ok, so we know your tumble dryer doesn’t help remove dirt; but in the winter months it does help dry your clothes – and Robin wasn’t that great anyway, was he!?)

But both your washing machine and tumble dryer are great superheroes to have around your home, especially the former, and it’s no wonder that on average 2.6 million washing machines are sold each year in the UK, resulting in 96% of UK homes having such an appliance.

Unfortunately though, whilst the average UK washing machine is used for 270 wash cycles per year, as soon as a fault occurs in such an appliance, the once-loved and trusted appliance superhero is thrown onto the scrapheap.

But did you know that roughly 30% of those appliances which end up on the scrapheap are merely blocked and require no spare parts to be up and running again, just a quick clean; whilst roughly the same amount needs parts which cost no-more than £20.

Faults with your washing machine’s trusted sidekick, the tumble dryer, are also relatively inexpensive, quick and easy to fix – whatever your DIY skill; and like Mr. Miyagi in Karate Kid we’ve got the information and advice you need to help you diagnose faults within your washing machine/tumble dryer, as well as the knowledge and spare parts to rectify any faults which may occur, enabling you to keep the Batman and Robin of your appliances running.


When it comes to the X-Men franchise, Wolverine has proven the most successful (and quite rightly) character; partly due to his ability to recover as though nothing had happened, no matter what was thrown at him and also due to his no-nonsense approach when fighting for justice.

Sound like any appliance within your home? How about the lawnmower?

Look at it this way, even when you’ve left your lawn to grow longer than you should, your lawnmower will be up to the task of tackling it in a no-nonsense approach, it’s blades whirring around. If stones from other areas of your garden make their way onto your lawn, instead of shying away from the challenge, your lawnmower will stand up to them (no doubt you’ll have heard the clunk as a stone rebounds of your lawnmower’s blade).

Unfortunately, unlike Wolverine, your lawnmower cannot heal itself which is a shame, as a loose stone is likely to cause some damage to your blade. Thankfully, we’ve got the advice and spare parts to get your lawnmower blade back into shape, ensuring a sharp, crisp and clean cut whenever the mower is used.

Wonder Woman:

So which appliance would you rank as your Wonder Woman? There are a few choices, but for us, it has to be the cooker. Stay with us here, Wonder Woman’s mission was to bring “the Amazon ideals of love and peace”, in much the same way that a homemade gourmet meal, shared with friends and family can.

It’s therefore important that you not only keep your cooker clean to prevent your homemade food being contaminated with unpleasant odours, and that your prevent dirt build up which can hinder the performance of your appliance.

Along with keeping your cooker clean, it’s also important to remain aware of a) the common faults which can occur with your cooker (and we’ve listed them in this hand post) and b) how to fix such common faults for little cost and relative ease. With this knowledge in your locker, you’ll be able to keep your cooker working for years to come, helping to spread “love and peace” through home-cooked food.


As eluded to above, Splinter helped to train the TMNT and at eSpares, we like to think of ourselves (in a little way) as being your personal Splinter.

Ok, so we may not be able to give you the “Turtle Power” Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael have; nor can we guarantee that there will be an eSpares film. But what we can guarantee you is that we will be able to provide you with the powers, knowledge, and skills required to repair a multitude of household appliances – which will save you money and make you feel like you could take on the world!

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