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3 super simple ways to keep your fridge running for longer

Winter, spring, summer or fall, your fridge plays an important role within your home! Thankfully, there are 3 simple ways to keep it running for a whole lot longer…

Keep it Clean

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From spilled milk to vegetables passing their sell-by dates and leaking sauces, there are a number of things within your fridge which can lead to a build-up of dirt and odours.

Luckily, tackling such spills and dirt build-up is easy and you can have it spotless and smelling fresh again in no time.

  • Clear out your fridge regularly and get rid of and foods, sauces or veg that is past its use-by date. Label leftovers so you know when to chuck them out.
  • Invest in a specific cleaner and regularly wipe down shelves, draws and door fittings. This will get rid of food stains, killing bacteria and removing mould.
  • Don’t forget the outside! As well as cleaning the inside, be sure to keep the doors and outside of your fridge clean too. If your appliance is stainless steel, ensure you invest in a stainless steel cleaner to keep it looking it’s best. Check out our blog on how to clean stainless steel appliances for some tips and advice.
  • Prolong the life of your fruits and veg with an anti-mould mat. This will allow air to circulate freely around the vegetable compartment in your fridge, preventing the build-up of mould and bad smells.
  • Keep bad smells at bay for longer by investing in a deodoriser.

Keep it Cool

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As well as staying clean, it’s important to make sure that your fridge is keeping your foods cool and working to its full potential. Here’s how:

  • Your fridge should be kept no warmer than 5°C, and ideally, it should be between 3 and 5°C. You can check this using your thermostat.
  • If your fridge isn’t keeping your food as cool as it should be, you could have a faulty door seal. It’s super easy to replace this and we have an easy step-by-step video to help you.
  • Other faults which may occur and prevent it from running, and therefore running the risk of your food spoiling, include:
  • The compressor motor running continuously
  • The compressor becoming faulty
  • Water accumulating within the base of the fridge

Head over to our advice centre to help you diagnose and fix common fridge faults.

Utilise Space

Fridge Packed With Food

After a weekly shop you may find you’re running out of fridge space!

  • Be sure to fix any broken shelves or cracked drawers so you can make the most of your storage.
  • Invest in fridge storage solutions such as a bottle and wine rack or store food in tubs instead of packaging.
  • Know where to store your food. As a general rule, drawers are for fresh fruit and veg, bottom shelves for meat, above shelves for cheese and creams or yogurts and the shelves for sauces and condiments that don’t go off as fast.

By keeping your fridge clean, cool and in working order; as well as utilising it to its full potential, you’ll not only be able to see an improvement in the length of time that produce remains fresh; but you’ll also see your it working at its full potential for longer. For more handy advice, check out our tops tips to get more from your appliance.

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