Winter Hats

Keep Warm in Winter!

Apparently, we’re about to be hit with an arctic blast of cold that could last up to two weeks. As someone who came home to a faulty boiler last night I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate tips to keeping warm (regardless of how “common sense” they might be).

Keep Yourself Warm

  • Wear lots of thin layers vs one thick layer to better keep your body temperature warm
  • Choose clothes made from wool, cotton or fleece
  • Draw any curtains as soon as you can (even keeping them closed throughout the day to keep out draughts. Even look to fit thermal linings where possible
  • Bust out the thermals and wear a hat. You lose most of your body heat from the noggin so chuck on a warm hat for added warmth
  • Your body keeps warm by burning the food you’ve eaten, so keep warm by filling up on warm food that’s also filling such as potatoes, rice, pasta or bread (see more below!)
  • Get a keyhole cover to help keep cold out and warmth in
  • Have your heating system serviced and where applicable, your chimney swept
  • Sip on some whiskey. It’s delicious and will warm the cockles every time

Food To Warm The Cockles

Activities To Keep You Warm

  • 1000 star jumps
  • Indoor jump rope (mind the furniture and ceilings)
  • 1000 press ups
  • 5000 sit ups
  • Sip some more whiskey



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