Yellow Grass

Got Yellow Grass?

If your once lovely, green grass has turned a rather interesting shade of yellow there are some things you can do to help restore it to its former glory.

  • Water your lawn. Obvious much? But if you water early in the morning (preferably before 8am) this will help set your lawn up for the day.
  • Try to water intermittently, in short bursts, rather than one length of time.
  • Avoid watering when it’s hot or windy outside
  • Make your own fertiliser. Dedicate a small corner of your garden to collecting household compost scraps and other organic waste. This can be used to help fertilise your lawn.
  • Naturally, spot treat weeds on your lawn using a homemade vinegar solution. Do be careful that the vinegar doesn’t come in contact with the grass and only hits the nasty weeds!
  • Cut your lawn short to allow for extra time between cuts. During times of slower growth use a higher setting.
  • Depending on where you live you should be able to purchase an appropriate grass that will require the least amount of maintenance whilst still producing healthy, green growth. Apply your fertiliser and water as per the instructions for your chosen grass.

If you follow the above steps you should see your lawn return to a lush green colour. We’ve also got an extensive list of garden spares and accessories that will help you get your lovely lawn sorted, ahead of the warmer months.

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