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Cutting The Hedge

3 Garden Appliances You’ll Need This Autumn / Winter

Gardening, you either love it or you hate it. Either way, gardening is an around the year job, from tending to your flowerbeds during the spring months to provide your bulbs with the best chance of blooming; through to de-weeding during the summer. Throughout autumn and winter, work within the garden doesn’t stop, and to help you stay on top of your garden during the final months of this year we’ve compiled a list of three of the essential garden appliances you should have ready for action in your shed.

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A Cool Spring Gardening

Cool Spring Gardening

Spring is here…..no wait, it’s not. The cold weather has decided to out-stay its welcome and suddenly plans for the long Easter weekend might need to change. If you had planned to get in your garden, you can still do so, albeit you might need to take a different approach to tackling (and helping) your greenery.

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