Get Stuck into Spares

Get Stuck into Spares

Spares aren’t particularly exciting. No matter which way you cut it. I mean you wouldn’t take the family or a loved on one a “spares” shopping spree at the weekend or treat them to a voucher for a new oven thermostat on their next birthday. Nonetheless they are great and are essential to keep our appliances working properly. Not to mention they will save you time and money vs buying new.

I have particular feelings towards a lot of spares and parts we offer in that I think they are, well fantastic. Not necessarily exciting, no, but great in that they can be fitted with no experience, will save you money or, like the Wine Space Saver Rack below, are just inherently brilliant.

This is a bit of what I like.

Energy saving tumble dryer balls couldn’t be any easier to use. They will help reduce your drying time, saving you money and will leave your clothes feeling soft.

Oven elements are key to good cooking and a happy home (yes, they sure are!) Most are really easily fitted and will restore your faithful oven to its original cooking glory.

This Universal Space Saver Wine Bottle Holder is without a doubt my favourite spare. Store extra wine bottles AND free up space in your fridge for more food! Who wouldn’t love that right?!?!

If you’ve got a smelly vacuum not to worry. We’ve all been there, you’re not alone. It’s easy to fix and Josh shows you how in these two videos. The first if you have a bagless vacuum and the second if you have a bagged style model.

Once you’ve given your vacuum a proper MOT you can go that extra step and use a vacuum cleaner air freshener with your vacuum to keep it smelling fresh. Check out which freshener might work best for you from the results of our in-house test

Melting cooker knobs? A lot of people mention that the knobs on their cooker are melting even when newly replaced. It was brought to our attention not too long ago that the reason for this is not inferior knobs but rather because the seal on the oven isn’t doing its job and heat is escaping. This will mean your oven is having to work much harder to heat up and will also melt your knobs! Changing the oven door seal is a relatively easy task which even a beginner DIY’er can do.

So, if you’ve got an ailing appliance take the time to see what might be causing any issues with it and give fixing it a go yourself. You might be surprised to find how easy it is and you’ll definitely feel good in the end for having sorted it yourself. You honestly, truly, really, really will!

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