New Years Resolutions Change Yourself

Why Resolutions?

The end of the year sparks a time to reflect on what we’re thankful for and look ahead, making changes in our lives that will result in better living and a more positive life. In all honesty, I reckon if these practices aren’t already in place, then the start of a new year probably won’t help to implement them.

Exercise. “Getting fit” is always atop the resolution list for males and females across all ages. I can attest to this as the number of people out running along my route home from the office has probably tripled in the last few days. Should I be impressed? No. Why does one need the start of a new year as an excuse to look after themselves? Should this not be a fundamental state of mind upheld through all 12 months of the year? I also know for a fact that come two weeks from now the pavements will be back to their normal flow and I’ll be able to jog on in (relative to London) peace once again.

Be a better person. Right, so what exactly have you done that warrants this resolution? And surely part of being a better person would be the sooner acknowledgment of the fact you aren’t (like did you do something to make you a “bad” person way back in March and you’re just deciding you should change now?) I suppose better late than never.

Have a dry January. I’ve never seen so many great deals on offer at supermarkets for alcohol. It would seem silly not to take advantage. If you are able to take advantage of these offers and keep the bottles sealed in a nice liquor cabinet beside a box of Cubans then you are a stronger person than me.

Spend more time with family. This presumes that you like your family. But then surely you would already be spending as much time with them as possible so don’t beat yourself up about it. If you don’t particularly like your family, don’t go out of your way to spend more time with them because you feel like you should. It won’t end well.

Learn something new. Unless you’re an amoeba, we will constantly learn new things naturally throughout the course of our lives. I gather in this specific case the “something new” could be of specific relevance or importance in your life. Like a course or new language to further your career. Or something that you just enjoy that’s not necessarily of importance/ relevance to your life, or anything really- like learning to crochet.

Volunteer. Unlike its predecessors this resolution (if upheld) has merit. And as someone who doesn’t volunteer, I must not jeer. I also think that in this particular case, sure, why not start now? If the New Year has spurred on the desire to help then go for it. It is selfless and absolutely brilliant.

Regardless of my opinions, whatever you decide should be changed in your life this year go for it. So long as it’s positive or hey, if it just makes you feel good then all the best to you on your journey to a better you.


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