Haircut For Charity Causes

Haircut for Charity

As we’ve got a massive website and quite a large digital marketing presence it’s easy to think that there’s a huge team that runs eSpares. Truth be told we only have 70 people on our team and in relative terms we’re actually quite a small company. In that respect we find it remarkable that we’ve been able to achieve such accolades as being nominated for the Etailer of the Year against the likes of Marks and Spencers, Argos and Ocado.

While some may consider us a small company, we like to think of ourselves as perfectly formed. Each member of our team has been chosen to work here based on raw talent. On that note we’d like to take this moment to salute our colleague Chris Moore.

Chris is part of our customer services team. He’s well regarded within our operation as being the expert of finding obscure spare parts that we mightn’t have even heard of yet. This month Chris cut his lovely locks to support his favourite charity, The Battersea Dogs Home. Here’s Chris’ story:

  1. When was the last time you had your haircut?
    I’ve had one trim in about a year and a half and that was done begrudgingly!
  2. How did you get the idea to cut your hair for charity?
    It was more spur of the moment thing as well as a challenge, as most people thought I wouldn’t have the bottle to shave it off (and for the dogs).
  3. Which charity did you choose to donate the money to and why?
    I chose The Battersea Dogs Home. As a child I had the idea (if not misguided) that Rolf Harris was solely responsible for the animals there.
  4. How much money did you raise?
    In one afternoon we managed to raise approximately £168 which I think is pretty good going.
  5. Now that you’re growing your hair out, which celebrity haircut will you aspire to?
    The hair’s done. It’s all about facial hair now! Bring on the Brian Blessed!

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