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Thanks a Million Banner

Thanks A Million!

Every so often the time comes for reminiscing. That time is now! Today we made a realisation about our YouTube channel that’s made us feel very grateful to all our customers and very happy that we’ve been able to help so many people fix their faulty appliances over the years.

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Unhealthy Appliance Element With Limescale

1 Easy Way You Can Tackle Limescale

60% of the UK is considered a hard water area, and without even realising it this could be having a detrimental effect on washing machines, dishwashers and other household products which come into regular contact with water.

This is due to the build up of limescale within the appliances, which if left will hinder the overall performance and lifespan of each appliance. But it is possible to tackle limescale in one easy step, as outlined below.

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Go Ahead And Pamper Yourself

Fix It Then Fix You

Ok, so you’ve done a good thing here by finding a spare, fixing your appliance and saving yourself some time and dosh. So why not go ahead and pamper yourself. Fix it yourself, fix yourself. After all you deserve it. Right, so you’re at home a little tired from your appliance repairs and not entirely keen on the idea of going out for anything……..surely there are some things in your home you can make use of?
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