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eSpares featured on The Big Green Money Show with BBC!

In the ongoing fight to push and improve the Right to Repair Regulations, we’re excited to announce that some big names are bringing light to this cause; the BBC, no less! Recently our very own Head of Brand and Creative, Adam Casey, was featured on the Big Green Money Show with Deborah Meaden and Felicity Hannah to discuss all things related to appliance care, the benefits of repairing over replacing, our resources and more.

Here, we’re going to cover all of the repair-related wisdom Ad had to share with Deborah, Felicity and the show’s many listeners. Read on to learn more, and make sure you check out this informative podcast for yourself!

How it began…

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Kicking off the second season of the Big Green Money Show, Deborah and Felicity chose to discuss the topic of repairing appliances thanks to Professor Mark Miodownik. Mark is an engineer and the Director of the UCL Institute of Making, and when he wrote in to suggest the difficulties of repairing home appliances as an area of discussion, Deborah and Felicity were keen to dive into the topic. And rightly so! The struggles appliance owners face when it comes to getting hold of basic spare parts and carrying out even the simplest of fixes is something that needs challenging, and is an issue we here at eSpares have long been vocal about.

First, Mark covered a range of issues surrounding appliance repairs and how the current Right to Repair Regulations are simply not good enough. As it stands, the regulations only cover washing machines, fridges and dishwashers, along with a few other appliances. That means there are still many home appliances that owners cannot repair themselves, and countless are left forking out small fortunes for whole new appliances when the fixes should be both affordable and simple. This isn’t sustainable, and something has to change!

Ad takes to the mic!

In comes our own Adam Casey to talk about all things related to eSpares and appliance repair! Leading on from the Right to Repair Regulations, Ad discussed the high demand for appliance repair information and resources, as well as what we’re doing here at eSpares to provide that. Repairing and caring for your own appliances can be daunting, after all… but that’s just because a lot of appliance owners simply don’t know where to begin. When they do have the resources to help them get started, it’s an entirely different story!

Ad Casey of eSpares

One particularly interesting anecdote Ad also shared was how one customer bought a high-end cooker that its previous owner believed was broken and needed replacing. The customer soon found out that all the cooker needed was a simple element replacement and voilà! They had a fully working cooker for less than £50! This goes to show that appliance owners can save hundreds of pounds on repairing their appliances when the right information is readily available to them.

eSpares YouTube Advice Centre screenshot

Ad went on to discuss how our YouTube channel is nearing a total of 100,000,000 views, a staggering figure! This alone shows that appliance owners are truly keen to care for and repair their own appliances and that they do so in droves once they’re given a little guidance. Ad also mentioned how we saw a huge boost in customers wanting to fix their own appliances during the Covid-19 pandemic, when other avenues were unavailable, with many opening their eyes to the kind of home appliance maintenance they might have otherwise avoided.

Ad then elaborated on our hundreds of YouTube video tutorials, as well as the step-by-step repair guides we offer over at our Advice Centre. He explained how we provide not only guidance on carrying out a huge array of repairs on a wide range of home appliances, but also information to help customers diagnose what the issues might be with their appliances in the first place. He also added how we keep customer safety in mind at all times. For example, we always provide safety guidance information, and we don’t provide spares that aren’t safe to be replaced by anyone but a professional, such as microwave magnetrons to name one example.

Hand fixing an appliance

All in all, we’re truly thrilled that Ad (and eSpares as a whole!) was given a platform to spread all that we do to the masses, and we’re delighted to see such a huge name in the media bringing light to this vital matter.

If you’re interested in learning more about some of the benefits of repairing over replacing, from personal to worldwide, you can head over to our blog post on why it’s better to repair appliances rather than recycle them. Happy fixing!

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