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6 easy ways to light up your garden

There are few pastimes as enjoyable as kicking back in your own garden in the midst of summer. Whether you’re socialising with friends and family or simply enjoying the peace and quiet, making the most of your own outdoor spaces is one of the little things in life that’s truly good for the soul. But do you know makes it even better? Good lighting!

Whether you’ve got a cosy little garden that could do with an extra touch of shining beauty or a large outdoor area that you want to fully light up for safety and security, look no further. Our six easy ways to light up your garden this summer will give you all the inspiration and guidance you need!

Fairy lights

Fairy lights in the garden

It’s an indisputable fact that fairy lights make just about any outside area more beautiful, and your garden is no exception! If you’re looking to add a touch of magic to your outside spaces, try hanging some fairy lights on your walls, ornaments or even across your plants or trees. This kind of lighting is not just perfect for parties and social events, but it’s also great for simply providing an air of peace and serenity – especially when the sun starts to set!

Rustic lanterns

Rustic lantern lights

If you’re wanting to give your garden a more classy and rustic kind of look, you can never go wrong with good old-fashioned lanterns. Not only are they an effective way to keep your garden lit up after sundown, but they also provide a real touch of elegance no matter the time of day or night. After all, they’re an ornament as much as they are a light source, and their timeless appearance means they’ll never go out of fashion no matter how many summers come and go!

Motion sensors

Motion sensor lights on driveway

Motion sensor lights are ideal for garden and outdoor areas outside of your home for two reasons. First of all, they’re super convenient as they’ll light up your garden whenever you’re moving around in it, meaning you never even have to reach for the light switch. Secondly, they also provide effective security. In the unlikely event that an unwanted visitor is snooping around your property, motion sensor lights are sure to come to life and let you know in a jiffy!


LED garden floodlight

If you happen to have a larger garden or outdoor space surrounding your home, floodlights and bulkhead lighting can work wonders. Such powerful and widespread lighting will ensure that no corner of your garden goes unlit, removing the need for any additional lighting when it’s dark outside. This can be especially handy for when you have large gatherings and want to make sure everyone can see where they’re going after sunset. Plus, it’s also great for security, allowing you to have a clear view of your garden with only a single light source!

Solar lighting

Solar lighting in garden

If you want to try a more eco-friendly approach to lighting up your garden (which is something we can always get behind!), solar lighting is a great route to take. Removing the need for batteries or unnecessary energy usage, solar lights will charge up in the sunlight throughout the day, letting you illuminate your garden at night in a way that doesn’t have a negative effect on your energy bills. Saving money and the planet whilst fulfilling all your outdoor lighting needs? It’s almost too good to be true!

LED lights

LED garden night lights

Finally, one more way to light up your garden in a cost-effective and energy-conscious manner is prioritising LED lighting. LED lights can help you save up to 90% of the usual costs of old-fashioned incandescent bulbs. This is because they not only use less energy, but what they do use, they use more efficiently to help you save energy and money. That’s certainly music to the ears of anyone who wants to keep their energy bills in check!

Hopefully this blog has inspired you to light up your garden in a creative, effective or more energy-efficient manner this summer! We’re sure your outdoor spaces will be glowing beautifully in no time.

While you’re bringing your garden to life with light, why not make sure you keep it both well illuminated and well groomed? Our tips on how to achieve a lawn your neighbours will jealous of will help you achieve the stunning grass you desire… and with brand new lighting, your beautiful lawn will be visible to all 24/7!

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