10 things not to miss out on this summer!

Summer can often feel like a fleeting occurrence in England with our unreliable sunshine and temperamental weather. That’s why it’s important to make the most of summer while you can, before the rain and the cold come back again to wipe the warmth away!

To help you feel inspired, adventurous or simply try something new, here are our 10 things not to miss out on this summer. Hopefully, after reading this, you’ll be able to step into autumn knowing you’ve had a summer well spent!

Friends and family

Two young couples eating outdoors

First and foremost, summer is a time for socialising! These are the months when we can get out and enjoy the clear skies with the people we love. So whether it’s a stroll in the park with your closest friends or a day out with your partner, parents or siblings, make this summer one for the books with the people you cherish most.

Get into gardening

Grandmother and grandchild gardening

Summer is a time for all things that grow, so why not try growing something of your own? There’s no time like the present to get your fingers green, and the weather is perfect for it. You could even get the family involved too! This could be an opportunity to get any children in your family into gardening, and it’s a great way to show them how hard work blooms into beautiful rewards!

Fire up the grill

Young friends having summer bbq

Once you’ve finished trying your hand at a spot of gardening, you’re sure to have worked up an appetite. With summer comes ideal BBQ weather (something us brits know all too well!) so don’t forget to make time for a BBQ or two this year. Whether it’s a large social gathering or just with a few friends, nothing beats the smell of a flaming grill when the sun’s out!

Feel the fixing spirit

Lawnmower blades

Spring cleaning might be a thing… but what about summer fixing? While the weather is nice and you’re feeling inspired, it’s the perfect time to try your hand at repairing. From changing your lawnmower’s blades to replacing your fridge’s old door seal to keep it cool in the heat, it’s never too late to become a little more repair friendly… nor is it too late to show any youngsters in your household the rewards of repairing too! Our Advice Centre has all the help and guidance you need to get you started!

Take to the country

Woman hiking in the Lake District in summer

The UK is full of beautiful scenery, from stunning countryside views to our many forests, lakes and hills. So, before the cold and rain return, use the nice weather to make the most of the beautiful land we call home! There’s nothing better for the soul than hiking across the breathtaking landscapes of your homeland, after all, and there’s no better time to do so than when the weather is at its nicest.

See the seaside

Family and dog walking at the beach

The sun and the seaside go hand in hand, that much we can all agree on! From Blackpool to Cleethorpes, there are tons of places you can go in England to catch some rays, splash around in the sea, enjoy the sight of golden beaches and munch down on some good ol’ fish and chips. Let’s face it; summer isn’t really summer without at least one seaside trip thrown in there!

Festival season

Couple laughing at summer festival

Of course, summer is always festival season. And, now that they’re back in full swing, there’s nothing stopping you from getting back into the festival scene! It could be one of the huge festivals like the Leeds Festival, or it could be a smaller one hosting a handful of local musicians. It really doesn’t matter; once you’re surrounded by other festival goers enjoying live music in the sun, you’ll be having the time of your life no matter which event you’re at!

Theme park fun

Roller coaster on a summer day

When it comes to outdoor attractions, we’d be remiss to leave theme parks off the list! Whether you’re into rollercoasters, water rapids, haunted house rides or any other such attractions, you can’t go wrong with a good theme park. You could go with friends, family, your partner or anyone else… just make sure they’re tall enough if you’re planning on braving the more turbulent rides!

Time in the sun

Woman enjoying the sun in a field

Sometimes, there doesn’t need to be an excuse to make the most of the sun. Sometimes, the sun itself is enough. So while we have it, try to get out and catch some rays! Reading a good book, listening to music, meditation for peace of mind… these are all pastimes that are made all the better when you’re getting a tan and enjoying a good helping of vitamin D!


Elderly man exercising the in park

Last, but certainly not least, summer is a time to feel adventurous and inspired. That’s why it’s a great time to work on self-growth and try something new. This could be learning how to play an instrument, going for runs in the park or adopting any other outdoor hobby. Let the sun fuel your enthusiasm, learn a new skill or talent and make this summer a productive one – as well as one to remember!

Now that you have a solid list of things to enjoy this summer, it’s worth remembering that sometimes the heat can get a little too much… especially with our unpredictable heatwaves! Check out our blog post on handy fridge and freezer hacks to help you cool off when the weather gets too hot. You’ll be thanking us later!

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