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Tried and Tested! eSpares reviews the WD-40 range

WD-40 has been a household favourite for decades! From loosening locks to cracking down on creaky doors, the trusty solution is a must-have cupboard accessory.

If you’re already a WD-40 lover, then you’re in luck because we’re about to introduce you to a whole range of the stuff! You may already know about the original WD-40 but there are, in fact, 4 other products specific for a range of uses. And, if you’re new to WD-40 altogether, well, you’re in for a serious treat!

We’re excited to say that we’ve got our hands on the whole range and armed our Social Media Assistant and Product Tester, Amy, with each product. Here, we will introduce you to each one and how to use it as well as get the low down and top tips from Amy.
Full Range Of WD-40 products

I honestly cannot fault any one of these products! They all worked amazingly and it’s so good that they have separate ones for each use, as well as the original. WD-40 really is the answer to everything. I will make sure I always have it in the house from now on!

The Original WD-40® Multi-Use Spray

Amy Holding WD-40 Original
First up, is of course the Original WD-40® Multi-Use Spray. A necessity in any toolbox, the original spray is great for lubricating equipment, removing oil, dirt, grease and grime, preventing rust and displacing moisture.

Some of its common uses include lubricating moving parts on machines or bikes such as hinges, wheels, rollers, chains and gears, and preventing doors from creaking. It can even be used to dissolve adhesives too, making it easy to remove stubborn labels, tapes and stickers.

Here, Amy tested out the WD-40 spray on her post box lock that had become rusty and stiff over time and her extremely creaky door.

WD-40 Sprayed Onto Lock

The lock has been stiff for ages and it never occurred to me to try WD-40 but when I did, I wish I had done it sooner! With just one spray of the lock and key, it worked and loosened straight away.

WD-40 Sprayed On Door

This door has creaked for as long as I can remember, so I really didn’t think it was going to work. I sprayed each hinge, top and bottom, and literally couldn’t believe that there was no sound! I keep expecting it to come back!


WD-40 Specialist Fast Drying Contact Cleaner

WD-40 Specialist Fast Drying Contact Cleaner
Next up is the WD-40 Specialist Fast Drying Contact Cleaner. This non-conductive spray can be used to remove dirt, dust, condensation and flux residue from sensitive electricals.

It is completely safe to use on electrical components, circuit boards, switches, controls, printers, copiers and tape heads and will not cause damage to any plastic, rubber or metal.

Amy tested this out to remove dust and dirt from her laptop. Here’s how she got on:

Spraying WD-40 On Laptop

The contact cleaner is so good! It instantly removes and dust and dirt and dries super fast. I didn’t even need to use a cloth!

When using this, make sure your electricals are completely switched off and disconnected from the mains. Then, leave them to completely dry before switching them back on.


WD-40 Specialist High-Performance Silicone Lubricant

The WD-40 Specialist High-Performance Silicone Lubricant is a versatile lubricant that can be used on high-pressure equipment. It removes moisture and rust to prolong the life of your tools and equipment, repelling dust, dirt, oil and grime and reducing dirt build-up that can create damaging residues.

It can be used to improve the runnings of bearings, guide rails and door runners, improve the performance of valves, locks and hoists, prevent parts from sticking, maintain plumbing fittings and protect car windows and door seals. It also provides excellent lubrication for belts, conveyors, doors, hinges, hand tools and fishing reels.
The spray is silicone-based so you can even use it on metal, plastic and wood, without it leaving a stain.

See how Amy got on using it to loosen the clasp on her dog lead and garden secateurs.

I love gardening so it’s no wonder my secateurs have been a little stiff and rusty. I was considering buying a new pair until I discovered WD-40, but now my old ones are as good as new! I will continue to regularly spray them to prevent any more rust and am hoping to keep them for a lot longer!

WD-40 Sprayed Onto Dog Lead

Once again, of course, it worked and the lead clasp is now really easy to unclip. My dogs no longer have to wait for ages for their walks!

The only tip I would give with this one is to not spray it too close to your hands or wear gloves if you need to hold something. It leaves behind a white residue, which is hard to remove.


WD-40 Specialist Fast Release Penetrant

WD-40 Specialist Fast Release Penetrant 
Next, we’re going to test out the WD-40 Specialist Fast Release Penetrant. This spray focuses particularly on loosening or removing stuck parts. Once applied, it penetrates deep into crevices, threads and seams to loosen corroded assemblies, fasteners, seized parts, and anything else that needs releasing. It can also be used to prevent rust and corrosion.

Take a look at how it loosened this extremely stubborn bolt.

WD-40 Sprayed Onto Bolt

We have a nightmare with this bolt whenever we want to get in the shed, but now it’s so much better! All I needed to do was spray the lubricant onto the bolt. It comes with a smart straw, which is thin enough to get into any crevices. After a few minutes, the bolt that had been stiff for years was really loosened, I’m amazed!


WD-40 Specialist White Lithium Grease Spray

WD-40 Specialist White Lithium Grease Spray
Last but not least is the WD-40 Specialist White Lithium Grease Spray for lubricating, maintaining and protecting a wide range of products and materials.

It is used to lubricate motor pivot points, pistons, tracks, runners, water pumps, gears, brakes and metal to metal applications. It can also be used to protect gardening tools and towbars from rust and wear, encourage the smooth runnings of bearings, winches and conveyors, maintain cables, chains, latches and hinges and reduce friction and wear.
Amy tried this one out on her stiff lawnmower blades and bike brakes.
WD-40 Sprayed Onto Bike

The brakes on my bike had gotten really stiff so I hadn’t used it for ages. Again, with just one spray, they really loosened up and now work perfectly. For really stiff brakes, I would recommend a couple of sprays and leaving it for a while in between, but it really does work!

WD-40 Sprayed Onto Lawnmower

Again it worked a treat on my lawnmower blades which had become stiff and were making it hard to use. It’s so much better now and mowing the lawn isn’t as much of a chore!<

So there you have it, the WD-40 range has the eSpares seal of approval! Check out the full range and get your hands on some on the eSpares website.

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