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Tried and Tested! eSpares reviews the Green Protect Pest Control range

Hoorah, the spring and summer months have arrived and along with them comes sunbathing, barbecues and oh, pests!

Well, lucky for us the pest control masters over at Green Protect have got us covered with a range of products to keep a whole host of those pesky pests at bay. But, of course, before we give them the go-ahead, we armed our in-house product tester and Social Media Assistant, Amy with a load of these products and set her on a pest busting mission!

Here’s what she had to say:

Amy Holding Green Protect Products

“I’m really impressed with the Green Protect range! It’s super easy to use and is discreet so you can’t even see most of them in the house. Some of the products even started working straight away, better than any others I have used before.

“What surprised me is the smell! I was expecting them to give off a chemical-like odour but they actually smell like fruit juice so they give a nice scent to your home.


“As well as being effective in getting rid of pests, I love that the Green Protect range is eco friendly! All the packaging can be recycled after use so you can get rid of your unwanted guests without damaging the environment. They contain no insecticides or harsh chemicals so won’t cause any harm to you or your pets.

“I would honestly recommend these products to anyone who has a pest problem in their home, wants to get rid of it fast and keep it on the down-low too!”

All Green Protect Products On Display

So, now we’ve got Amy’s seal of approval, it’s time to take a look at the range in detail. Here, we’ll show you each product and what it’s for, and get Amy’s tips on how to use and where to put them to get the best pest-busting results.

Fight the Flies

The first to be eliminated is the flies. Just like us, they love a bit of warm weather but we’re not quite keen on sharing our sunbeds with them! Luckily, Green Protect has a range of fly fighting products so you can choose the best one for you.

Green Protect Window Fly Trap

Green Protect Window Fly Trap On Window

If you’re finding that flies are mostly hanging around your windows, the Green Protect Window Fly Trap will sure stop them in their tracks! The colourful tape attracts flies and even adds a bit of decoration to your window. They come in a pack of 6 and are each effective for up to two months.

Amy says:

“These actually look great on the window and smell good too! If you wanted them to be more discreet, place them at the top of the window behind the curtain or blind or behind any decorations you have on your windowsill.”

Green Protect Fly Discreet

Green Protect Fly Discreet On WIndowsill
For something a little more discreet on your window, Green Protect have the Fly Discreet – it says it on the tin! This small tray is excellent for trapping flies and insects on your windowsill and keeping them out of sight. The trap is a fluorescent colour that attracts flies and improves the trapping rate.

Amy says:

“This one is great as the trap can face away from the room, meaning you and your guests won’t see any trapped flies or insects. Again, slot it behind any ornaments or curtains for ultimate secrecy!”

Green Protect Fly Tower

Green Protect Fly Tower Hanging From Ceiling
As well as inside your home, flies can be found buzzing around your conservatories, caravans and outdoor rooms too. So, this Fly Tower from Green Protect can be placed in indoor and outdoor rooms to repel flies anywhere around your home including conservatories, caravans, sheds, greenhouses and garages. Again, the fluorescent colour attracts flies to get rid of them fast!

Amy says:

“This one is great for catching flies in their tracks as it can be hung or stood up anywhere in your home or outdoor spaces.”

Green Protect Fly Spiral

Green Protect Fly Spiral HangingAlso suitable for catching flies on-the-go is the Green Protect Fly Spiral. It can be used indoors and outdoors and comes with a drawing pin and hanging loop so you can place it around any area that is affected by flies. They come in a pack of four and are each effective for up to 2 months.

Amy says:

“The spiral is so easy to put up and is great for flies that hide on ceilings or in corners that you can’t see! It is extremely sticky though, so take care when pulling off the protective layer.”

Green Protect Fruit Fly Trap

Green Protect Fruit Fly Trap In Fruit BowlLast of the fly busters is the Green Protect Fruit Fly Trap. Although generally harmless, Fruit Flies can be a real pain in your home. This apple-shaped trap will lure in and get rid of Fruit Flies fast. We bet it took you a minute to spot it, right?

Amy says:

“This one is super discreet and really effective! You can just place it in your fruit bowl or around your kitchen and no one will suspect a thing. Plus, as the range is not harmful, you don’t have to worry about picking up the wrong fruit either!”

Manage Moths

When moths enter your home, you sure do know about it! They leave behind webbing, holes in clothing and are just a general nuisance! Plus, with there being different species, it’s hard to know which one has made it into your home. Well, Green Protect has a range of products to target different species of moth and here’s how to tell which one is pestering your home.

Green Protect Flour Moth Trap

Green Protect Flour Moth Trap In Cupboard
Flour moths, also known as pantry moths, weevil moths and grain moths, are attracted to stored, typically dry foods such as flour, cereal and rice. The Flour Moth Traps work to eliminate these moths from your home and stop them from damaging your food.

Amy says:

“If you see moths flying around your kitchen, check the packaging of cereal, rice and flour for webbing or to see if your flour has become clumpy. These are signs that you have flour moths in your home. You can stick these traps into kitchen cupboards, pantries or wherever food is stored and they will help to remove these types of moths.”

Green Protect Hanging Clothes Moth Trap

Green Protect Hanging Clothes Moth Trap On Clothes Rail
Next up are Clothes Moths. These moths are attracted to clothing, rugs and wool and can cause damage and leave holes in your textiles. The Green Protect Hanging Clothes Moth Trap is super effective for getting rid of these pests. They can be hung on rails, placed in drawers and cupboards or wherever you store clothing and textiles.

Amy says:

“I was really impressed with this one. I was worried they would leave a smell on my clothes, but they are completely odourless and discreet!

“Clothes moth eggs are really hard to detect as they are very fragile and often hidden in cracks and crevices. If you notice your clothing or materials have any holes, it’s worth giving these a try.”

Warn off Wasps!

With the glorious summer comes the not so glamorous flapping about to get away from wasps! Enjoy your outdoors once again with wasp stoppers from Green Protect,

Green Protect Wasp and Flying Insect Trap

Green Protect Wasp and Flying Insect Trap On Garden Table
Place the excellent Green Protect Wasp and Flying Insect Trap next to your barbecue feast and you won’t have to worry about sharing your food with the wasp brigade! The non-toxic solution will repel wasps as well as flying insects and leave you to enjoy the sun.

Amy says:

“Like most people, I hate wasps! So, I gave this wasp trap a go during a recent barbecue and it really does repel them. Position it in a shaded area where wasps usually occur and it will keep wasps away for up to 6 weeks! It’s definitely a summer must-have.” 

Impede Insects

If creepy crawlies make your skin crawl you’ve come to the right place! Whether in your home or garden, you can banish those multiple-legged enemies with the Green Protect range.

Green Protect Yellow Insect Trap

 Green Protect Yellow Insect Trap Hanging
If you’re finding insects such as aphids, leaf-miner flies, thrips and whiteflies in your greenhouses, sunrooms, conservatories and winter gardens, you need the Green Protect Yellow Insect Trap. The strong yellow colour will attract these insects and flies and prevent them from affecting your outdoor spaces.

Amy says:

“The yellow traps can be hung up or placed anywhere in your outdoor buildings. I hung them by the windows of my conservatory as that’s where I usually spot these pests and I could see them aiming for it straight away!”

Green Protect Pot Plant Insect Trap

Green Protect Pot Plant Insect Trap In Plant PotTarget plant-eating insects with the Green Protect Pot Plant Insect Trap. The bright yellow colour will again target insects such as whiteflies, aphids, fungus gnats and miner flies that can damage your potted plants. Use them for garden plants, in conservatories and for house plants too.

Amy says:

“The yellow colour and flower shape means this trap can blend into your plants and get rid of pests too. It’s best to position these early in the season before the insect population begins to build on your potted plants, but they are still effective later in the season too.” 

Green Protect Crawling Insect Trap

Green Protect Crawling Insect Trap On Floor
For those creepy crawlies that have found their way inside your home, you can use Green Protect Crawling Insect Trap. The insect glue boards can detect whether a pest infestation is present and remove it from your home. They are effective against a range of crawling insects including ants, cockroaches, woodlice and silverfish.

Amy says:

“Place this trap wherever you suspect there is a crawling insect infestation in your home. The box is small, discreet and closed, meaning you won’t be able to see the trapped insects.” 

Stamp Out Silverfish

Silverfish can be very hard to detect as they are very small and mostly come out at night. Although not harmful to humans, they can cause damage to books, textiles, papers and packets of dried food.

Green Protect Silverfish Trap

Green Protect Silverfish Trap In Kitchen
The Green Protect Silverfish Trap specifically targets Silverfish and is highly effective in detecting and removing them from your home. They come in a pack of 2 and each trap is effective for up to 8 weeks.

Amy says:

“Silverfish are attracted to moist or humid areas so you might find them in kitchens, bathrooms, basements or attics. If you’re noticing damage to your items, try placing a few in these areas and the traps will let you know if Silverfish are the problem.”

So now that the Green Protect range has the eSpares seal of approval, why not give it a try and enjoy a pest-free home? You can view the whole Green Protect range on our website.

To find out more and view these products in action, check out our video below:

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