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How to Get Powerful Temporary Fixes Using Tape

Maintaining a home can be a costly endeavour. Sometimes things break when we least expect it, and we aren’t always able to fork out the dough for a replacement or spare part. Fortunately, this is where the wonders of tape come in to save the day…

Of course, we would never recommend using any old tape as a permanent fix for a broken appliance or household item – not unless the tape you’re using was made for that specific purpose, at least. But, that being said, tape can be incredibly useful for those times when you’re strapped for cash and could do with a temporary solution. Without further ado, read on to find out how to get temporary fixes using tape.

Pipe leaks

Man Taping Sink Pipe

A leaky pipe or hose is always a nuisance, and not always one you can fix the moment it occurs. If you’re ever struggling to identify the cause of a leak, or you find yourself waiting on a spare part, tape can be a great way to patch things up until a more permanent option is within reach. Of course, some tapes are more resilient than others, but even a basic brand can be handy for providing a short-term solution. However, there are also heavy-duty and purpose-specific tapes that are made to patch up leaks, whether from your pipes, your garden hose or anything else. The Duck Tape and T-Rex Tape ranges have a couple of great options that will certainly do the trick!

Waterproof clothing

Waterproof Coat

It might not be the most stylish look, but tape can provide an effective temporary fix for ripped or damaged clothing. Whether it’s a waterproof coat or your once-favourite footwear that’s seen better days, tape is surprisingly useful when it comes to keeping the moisture out of your garments during rainy days. While this is hardly a permanent solution and not something we would recommend as a fashion statement, it is a tape fix that’s overlooked far too often for just how handy it actually is.

Broken windows

Cracked Window

Broken or cracked windows are a fairly common household nuisance that, though sometimes a pain to get repaired or replaced, can be easier to handle in the short term than many realise. A crack can easily spread and cause more damage, so when it comes to treating a cracked window, securing it first should be a priority. Carefully check that the window in question can withstand the pressure of tape being applied. If so, cover the crack up with some duct tape. This should help prevent the crack from spreading further until you can get the windowpane taken out and have a new one put in its place.

Tape your tiles

Man Laying Tile

Cracked or loose tiles are the bane of any household. While tiled walls and flooring can make any home shine, there’s always the risk of a tile or two cracking or coming loose every now and then. Fortunately, you don’t always have to get the cement out right away. If you need to keep a tile in place for the time being before fixing it for the long term, heavy-duty tape is the way to go. The stronger the tape, the longer the hold, so just make sure you’re using tape that’s strong enough to support the tile in question!

We hope you found our blog on how to get temporary fixes using tape useful. While you’re here, remember to check out our Duck Tape and T-Rex Tape ranges. If you’re wanting multi-purpose tapes for household fixes and maintenance, they’re sure to have what you’re looking for!

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