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An Organised Home Means an Organised Mind

Looking after our mental health should be a top priority for all of us, especially after the events of the last year. Being stuck at home can be taxing, and though the end of lockdown restrictions seems to be in sight, we’ve got a little way to go yet. That’s why we’re keen to share the mental benefits of keeping your home organised

Your thoughts and feelings are only as clear as your surroundings. Research demonstrates that our internal wellbeing improves when our external environment is under our control. One particular study showed that 100% of participants agreed that cleaning and tidying gave them peace of mind, with 81% agreeing they felt accomplished and in control after a deep clean. So, from general cleanliness to the overall organisation of your household, read on to find out why an organised home means an organised mind – and the steps you can take to achieve this for yourself.

Out With the Old

Pile of Clothes

It’s not always easy to say goodbye to those items and possessions you’ve been hanging onto, even if just for the fact that you’ve somehow managed to not let them go after so many months or years. But, a cluttered household can mean cluttered thoughts. When that becomes the case, a good old-fashioned declutter is the best solution. Just think of it like spring cleaning. Getting rid of possessions you don’t need anymore (whether old clothes, forgotten gifts or broken items) is a great way to both refresh your home and practice letting go of things you no longer need to hold onto – something we’re all much better off being able to do from time to time!

Less is More

Organised Living Room

Expanding on the previous point, minimalism can be a pre-emptive strike for future clutter. After all, how is your home going to get messy if you’ve already done away with the things that usually cause the mess in the first place? A minimalistic attitude doesn’t mean getting rid of your favourite possessions either. It just means making sure your home isn’t crowded by things that don’t need to be there. A nice, sparse and simple aesthetic in your household not only reduces cleaning time, but it provides a year-round sense of mental clarity too. That way, you always know where everything is, the upkeep is minimal and the distractions are fewer. With your living environment uncrowded, your brain will feel uncrowded as a result. With that, comes a sense of inner peace that simply cannot be overvalued.

It’s All About Appearances

Tidy Kitchen Counter

While now isn’t exactly the prime time to be showing anyone around your home, it’s you that ultimately spends the most time there. As such, you should be happy with the surroundings you see, spend time in and come home to every day, even when it’s for your eyes only. There’s something incredibly soothing about looking around a bedroom, kitchen or living room and seeing everything exactly where it should be. From clean and shiny surfaces and polished windows to an organised pantry and a coordinated wardrobe, the level of satisfaction a visually well-kept home brings is unparalleled. At the end of the day, we all want to be proud of the household we make for ourselves, and an aesthetically pleasing home goes hand in hand with a content and clear-minded occupant.

Get Your Fix

Hands Drilling Washing Machine

Finally, nothing says “I’ve got this” like being able to any fix faults inside your home with your own two hands. Whether it’s a broken dishwasher that doesn’t wash the dishes properly or a temperamental fridge that just isn’t quite cold enough, these things can prove costly if you have to keep calling the repairman in. Investing a little bit of time into learning how to fix and maintain your own household appliances not only saves you time and money, but also provides you with that mental satisfaction of knowing you’re more than capable of handling your own household dilemmas. Besides, learning new skills is always fun, so you might as well learn a few that will forever be a benefit to the way you live!

Thank you for reading our blog post on why an organised home means an organised mind – hopefully you’ve taken some notes! On the topic of managing and maintaining your own home, have you visited our Advice Centre yet? There’s no time like the present to learn how to fix those faulty goods for yourself…

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