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Tried and Tested! eSpares reviews the Frog, T-Rex and Duck Tape ranges

What tool should every avid DIYer have in their toolbox? Duct tape, that’s what!

Used for a whole host of tasks, including painting, mending and temporary holds, duct tape makes DIY that little bit easier, and that’s exactly what we’re about!

But how do you know which one is going to give you the results you need? Well, that’s where we come in! We’ve sourced some of the best duct tape brands in the industry to bring you the best of the bunch. But, before we do this of course, we wanted to see for ourselves just how good they are. Amy Sharp, our Social Media Assistant and now in-house product tester, tries out the Duck Tape, Frog Tape and T-Rex Tape ranges and gives her honest verdict. See how she got on…

Duck Tape

Amy Holding Up Duck Tape

First up, the Duck Tape. With a range of uses from craft projects to household repairs, this reliable, durable tape can be used anywhere a strong bond is needed. It can be applied on smooth or uneven surfaces, cloth, packaging, plastic and even metal and laminates for a flexible and weather-proof hold.

Here, Amy tests it out on odd jobs around her home.

Broken Tools

Hammer With Broken Handle

The handle of Amy’s hammer had been broken for a while and as an avid DIYer, this was very frustrating! So, when we sent her the Wrap-Fix Self-Fusing Repair Duck Tape, this was, of course, her first task! Here’s how she got on:

How to Use:

Duck Tape Being Cut To Size

Step 1: Cut the tape to the approximate size you need.

Amy Applying Tape To Hammer

Step 2: Remove the plastic backing and wrap it around the tool.

Tape Being Stretched As Applied

Step 3: As you apply it, stretch the tape to 2 or 3 times its original size.

Amy Using Hammer For DIY

The tape provides a firm long-lasting hold and Amy was able to continue her household repairs!

“The tape worked really well for this! It has a rubber-like feel to it too so it actually made a much nicer handle for the hammer than the original. It now has more grip to it and is comfier to hold.”

A Leaking Hose

Hose Leaking Water

This sturdy tape is not only strong but waterproof too! When Amy discovered the tape was suitable for repairs on small leaks and damages to pipes, she was keen to try it on her leaking hose!

How to use:

Duck Tape Being Cut To Size

Step 1: Cut the tape to the approximate length you need.

Amy Removing Backing And Applying Tape

Step 2: Remove the plastic backing and wrap it around the leak.

Tape Being Stretched As Applied

Step 3: As you apply it, stretch the tape to 2 or 3 times its original size.

Hose Spraying Water With No Leaks

As you can see, the tape provided a watertight solution with a highly stretchable hold. It even holds in all weather conditions.

“The tape is so easy to use and even though I was bending the hose loads with the water running, the tape wasn’t budging at all and was very watertight.”

The verdict:

“This is the coolest thing ever. No joke, it’s awesome! It’s so strange because it’s not sticky at all. Even when you pull the plastic backing off, it doesn’t feel sticky but as soon as you’ve put it on something it’s really secure. I wasn’t expecting it to work this well, 10/10!”

Frog Tape

Amy Holding Three Frog Tapes

Every painting project needs Frog Tape! World-famous for its reliability and strength, Frog Tape is the only one of its kind to use PaintBlock® Technology. This means, it effectively keeps paint out and leaves you with crisp, sharp lines, every time.

Here, Amy tests out three different types of Frog Tape on a variety of painting tasks. The results below speak for themselves!

Frog Tape Gloss and Satin

Frog Tape Gloss & SatinThe Gloss and Stain tape is perfect for use when painting skirting boards, architraves, frames and doors and can be used on cured painted surfaces, glass, carpet and stone. Here, Amy tests it out on a skirting board sample to see if it protects her carpet as promised.

How to Use:

Tape Applied To Carpet

Step 1: Place the tape on your carpet or surface to provide a barrier.

Tape Being Wiped With Damp Cloth

Step 2: Before you paint, run a damp cloth over your FrogTape to give an additional seal.

Skirting Boards Being Painted

Step 3: Paint your skirting board or surfaces.

Amy Removing Tape

Step 4: Remove the tape while the paint is still wet.

Painted Skirting Board And Carpet

“There was absolutely no damage to the carpet underneath and the skirting boards were really neat!”


  • For use on most paint applications
  • Perfect for when painting skirting boards, architrave, frames and doors
  • Suitable to use on cured painted surfaces, glass, carpet and stone
  • PaintBlock® Technology for sharp paint lines

Frog Tape Multi-Surface 

Frog Tape Multi-Surface 

The Multi-Surface Tape can be used on a range of surfaces including painted emulsion walls, wood trim, glass and metal. Also treated with PaintBlock® Technology, the tape forms a micro-barrier along the edges and promises a quality finish. Amy tests out the Frog Tape on a sample of wood, glass and metal. Let’s see if it works!

How to Use
Step 1:
  Apply the tape to the surface you want to protect.

Tape Applied To Materials

Step 2: Paint your area and allow the tape to protect the surface underneath.

Materials Painted Over

Step 3: Remove the tape while the paint is still wet.

Tape Being Removed From Wood

Tape Being Removed From Glass

“The images speak for themselves! I don’t know about you, but how satisfying are these lines!”


  • Keeps paint out and keeps lines sharp
  • For use on cured painted walls, wood, glass and metal
  • Helps prevent paint bleed
  • Treated with PaintBlock® Technology
  • Can be left in place for up to 21 days before painting (or 7 days in direct sunlight)
  • Super absorbent polymer along the tape’s edge attracts the moisture in emulsion paints, creating a micro barrier

Frog Tape Delicate

Frog Tape Delicate
The Delicate Tape has been specially developed to protect more delicate surfaces such as wallpaper, freshly painted surfaces, newly plastered walls, treated wood, veneer, laminate and vinyl. It again leaves crisp lines but has a lower adhesive to prevent damage to surfaces. Amy tests this out on laminate and vinyl samples.

Step 1: Apply the tape to the surface you want to protect.

Tape Applied To Laminate And Vinyl

Step 2: Paint the area and allow the tape to protect the surface underneath.

Paint Applied To Samples

Step 3: Remove the tape while it’s still wet.

Tape Being Removed

Tape Being Removed

“As you can see the lines are still super sharp and there was no damage to the delicate material underneath.”


  • Keeps paint out and keeps lines sharp
  • Perfect for use on treated wood, veneer, laminate & vinyl
  • Also great for use on freshly painted surfaces, wallpaper and newly plastered walls
  • Treated with PaintBlock® Technology
  • UV resistant and can be applied in direct sunlight

The Verdict

“This stuff was surprisingly good and really easy to use! Honestly, I didn’t think it would work that well, especially as it tells you to remove the tape whilst the paints still wet but there really was no paint bleeding what so ever! The results are amazing! You also get loads of tape on each roll so you definitely get your money’s worth.”

T-Rex Super Glue Tape

Amy Holding T-Rex Tape

This tape truly lives up to its name! Known for creating a strong, fierce hold even in wet and cold temperatures, the T-Rex tape range is suitable for a variety of DIY tasks. Here, Amy tests out the T-Rex Double-Sided Super Glue Tape on some chores around her home.

Loose or Broken Tiles

The tape claims to be suitable for heavy-duty DIY tasks. One of these was to fix tiles that had come away or broken. So, Amy tested the strength so see if it could work as a temporary or even permanent fix.

How to Use:

Step 1: Apply tape around the edges of the rear side of the tile.

Tape Applied To Rear Of Tile

Step 2: Remove the lining and place the tile in position.

Tile Being Placed In Position

Step 3: Apply pressure for a few seconds for a firm hold.

Amy Applying Pressure To Tile

Tile Stuck On Wall

“Although the tape is super sticky, it didn’t leave behind any sticky residue on my hands like regular superglue! The tiles stuck fast and would definitely work as a permanent repair.”

Footwear Repairs 

Boot With Broken Sole

We all have that one pair of shoes, trainers or pumps that are our favourites and get worn A LOT! So when they break or the soles come away, it can be devastating! If you can’t get to a shoe repairer or need to wear the shoes right now, the T-Rex tape is the perfect solution. Amy tests it out on her favourite boots that she could no longer wear because the heel was starting to come away.

Amy Applying Tape to Sole

Step 1: Apply to the area in need of repairing and remove the lining.

Applying Pressure To Sole

Step 2: Press firmly for a few seconds for a firm hold.

Amy's Fixed Shoe

“Because there was such a small point of contact on the sole of the shoe I fixed, I really didn’t think it would work but it worked really well and feels very secure which is great because I’m not the most stable in heels so need all the stability I can get!”

Clothing Hem Repairs

Amy's Jeans too Long

If you’re not a sewer (join the club) but you really want to wear those jeans or trousers that are slightly too long, try taping them up instead!

Folded Up Jeans

Step 1: Measure the leg and apply the tape to the inside or outside of the hem.

Amy Applying Tape

Step 2: Remove the backing and apply to the folded area.

Applying Pressure to Jeans

Step 3: Apply pressure for a few sections for a firm hold.

Amy's Fixed Jeans

“I’ve used double-sided tape to hem trousers before and it hasn’t been very secure and went very manky after a wash, but this wasn’t the case at all with this tape! The hem was really secure and even after a wash, it didn’t budge. You still can hardly see the tape, it’s really discrete.”

The Verdict

“This is the best double-sided tape I’ve ever used (and after studying art for 4 years I’ve gone through a lot of double-sided tape!). The hold is great, it’s really sticky and strong but when you touch it you don’t get any sticky residue on your hands (or anything it touches actually). I love this, will definitely continue to use it!”


  • High-tack double-sided tape
  • Featuring acrylic adhesive for permanent repairs
  • Clear adhesive for discreet applications and repairs
  • Won’t stain surfaces like traditional super glue
  • Safer to use than traditional super glue and doesn’t bond to skin
  • Easy to tear and remove by hand
  • Perfect for use on ceramic, concrete, glass, fabric, metal, plastic, tile, wood and more

So there you have it, these three tape brand really do exactly what they say on the tin! To find out more about these tapes or our other DIY tool, visit the eSpares website.

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