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Easy handmade gift ideas that will make you say I’m trying that!

Running out of time and money this Christmas? We’ve got you covered!

second-hand, handmade Christmas gift is a gift made from the heart! Spending your time crafting something wonderful that you know your loved ones will cherish means so much more than running into a shop and buying the most expensive items.

We have gathered some fantastic ideas for handmade gifts using items that are probably already lying around your home! So let’s get creative this Christmas with thoughtful gifts that won’t cost a fortune and could even help the environment too.

Jewellery Made From Cable Wire

Old cable wires into bracelets

You know that box of wires in your cupboard that you have no idea what they are for? Instead of chucking it away, why not use it to make beautiful jewellery for your loved ones instead? This genius idea allows you to create bracelets, rings or pendants that are so unique and really thoughtful too.

Who knew that something so annoying could make something so beautiful! Check out how to make it here.

Laundry Tablets Box To Storage Box

Used laundry tablet boxes into make-up storage

Save the environment from plastic waste and gift your loved ones a unique make-up storage box! These small tubs which mostly come in bold colours are actually perfect for storing things like make-up, nail varnishes, hair accessories and plenty of other things around the home. You can decorate and personalise them and even leave a couple of treats in there for a Christmas present too. Check out how this savvy Mum made hers!

Bird Feeder From Plastic Bottle

Plastic bottle into bird feeder

For the bird lover in your life, why not make them something special and prevent your plastic bottles from going to landfill. Whether it’s a drink bottle, cleaner, bleach or detergent container, they all make great bird feeders! It’s super easy and a great thing for the kids to get involved in too. Find out how to do it here.

Teddy Made From Socks

Holey socks into teddy bears

These sock animals are not only super cute but also the perfect gift for the kids in your life. If it’s time for a sock clear out or yours have seen better days, give them a new lease of life and a new home too. Whether you’re a pro sewer or a first-timer, this is a super easy and fun task to get your needles into! Check it out.

Car Made From Cardboard Box

Cardboard boxes into cars

We’re pretty sure you’ve got plenty of cardboard boxes lying around after all the online orders, guilty! Instead of getting rid of them turn them into a great game for the kids. They are bound to love running around in these cars and can even decorate them themselves too. Find out how to do it here

Shopper Bag Made From T-Shirt

Old t-shirt into a reusable bag

If you’re just about to throw out that old t-shirt you used to love, check this out first! Instead, it can make for a stylish and reusable shopping bag for your loved ones instead. It’s super easy to do and will make for a unique gift for the fashionistas in your life. Check out how to do it.

Light Jar Made From Food Jar

Old jars into tea light holders

These little light jars will look perfect in any home. You can use any jars from old candles, food jars or any others lying around the home. Follow the easy step-by-step guide below or decorate them however you like for the perfect Christmas gift.

Earring Holdern From Cheese Grater

Cheese grater to earing holder

We bet you didn’t realise this was a cheese grater when you first saw it! Who knew your old graters would make such a handy gift. All you’ll need is some paints, crafts and glue to personalise and make it look fab. Here are some tips on how to do it.

Coaster Set From Jar Lids

Jar lids to coaster set

Last but not least, why not try out this idea and create a stunning coaster set for your friends and family. Made from jar lids, these coasters can be personalised with pretty patterns or pictures and even special photos too! Check out how to make them.

If you’ve managed to master one of these ideas, send us your photos on our Facebook page. Or let us know if you’ve got some great upcycling Christmas ideas!

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