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Tried and Tested! eSpares reviews The Pink Stuff

We’ve got our hands on the cleaning product that’s got everyone talking!

The Pink Stuff Surface Cleaner Paste from Stardrops is being branded the cleaning solution of the moment. We hear it gets ovens gleaming, steel pans sparkling and trainers whiter than white! We’re excited to say we’ve recently started stocking it on our website too.

So, with no time to paste, we decided to put it to the eSpares test and see just how good The Pink Stuff paste really is! Here, our Social Media Assistant, Amy tests out this new cleaning sensation on just about anything she could find!


Here’s the one we really wanted to try! We like to think we know a thing or two about cleaning appliances, but we’re always up for learning new things. Here’s how Amy got on with hers:
Before And After Oven

Amy’s tips:

For the inside of the oven, I used a dry cloth to scoop the paste and cover the whole of the surface. To really get rid of grease and grime, I rubbed it in for around 2 minutes then simply wiped it off with a clean cloth. This one was particularly dirty so I repeated this a couple of times but the results were still so fast! 

For the door, I again used a cloth to spread a small amount of the paste all around the door and rubbed it with the green side of a scourer sponge for around 2 minutes. I then wiped it with the clean side of the cloth and repeated this step until all the dirt was gone. Again, this was so easy and fast. It really makes oven cleaning a whole lot easier!


Rusty Gardening Tools

If your gardening tools are rusty, don’t get rid of them, let The Pink Stuff work its magic!
Before And After Garden Tools

Amy’s tips:

So these took a little while longer to see results but it’s definitely worth it. I applied the paste with a sponge and left it on for around 10 minutes, then scrubbed it with hot water, not cold. It took a few goes and not all the rust came off but it’s a great way to give old tools a new lease of life.


Vacuum Dust Bin

Vacuum dust bins are one of dirt’s favourite places! They can get clogged with dirt and dust which is why regular cleans are a must. As you can see, The Pink Stuff left this one looking like new!
Before And After Vacuum Dust Bin

Amy’s tips:

Swill the dust bin first with hot water then use the green side of a scourer sponge to rub the inside and outside. Then, swill again with hot water to remove any leftover dirt. This was so easy and so quick to do! A top tip – use a needle to poke through any holes that are still clogged!


Pots + Pans

Ceramic, glass or steel are no match for The Pink Stuff! Remove stubborn grease, marks or burnt-on food with the scrub of a sponge!
Before And After Saucepan

Amy’s tips:

Using just a small amount of the paste and a scourer sponge, the dirt came right off! All you need to do is scrub until it starts to foam and swill with hot water. Stubborn stains need a couple of tries but they all came up gleaming!


Ceramic Hob

Stains and watermarks on ceramic hobs can be a nightmare to remove as Amy and her family know too well! After trying a whole host of cleaning products and stain removers, they found The Pink Stuff actually worked!
Before And After Ceramic Hob

Amy’s tips:

These marks have been on our hob for ages and we’ve tried everything to get them off. After just a couple of seconds using The Pink Stuff, the stains came straight off, we couldn’t believe it! I used a tiny amount of the paste and spread it on with a cold damp cloth. I then left it for a couple of seconds and wiped it off with the yellow side of a scourer sponge. The results were fantastic.


Rusty Scales

The results from these rusty scales speak for themselves! After a quick scrub with The Pink Stuff Paste, they were left looking like brand new.
Before And After Scales

Amy’s tips:

I still can’t believe the results for this one! I simply rubbed in a small amount of paste with the green side of a scourer sponge for about 20 seconds and swilled it with hot water. It came straight off. I buffed it with a tea towel for the shine and it came out gleaming!


White Trainers

White trainers are always a risky purchase! But now, with The Pink Stuff, we no longer need to be extra careful. Get rid of marks and make old trainers look like new again. Here’s how.
Before And After Trainers

Amy’s tips:

This was super quick and it made my favourite trainers look white again! I used a tiny amount with a slightly damp sponge and rubbed on for about 20 seconds on each section of the shoe. I wiped it with a clean, dry cloth and the dirt just came off!



Being outdoors and in contact with lots of food, your barbecue can get stained, worn and very grimy. Well, The Pink Stuff can give it a new lease of life, literally!
Before And After BBQ

Amy’s tips:

We were actually going to throw this barbecue away because it had become very worn and rusty. After cleaning with The Pink Stuff, we’ve completely revived it and put it away for next summer! The process does take a little longer but the results were worth it.

“I used around 2 tablespoons of the paste and smeared it on with a damp cloth. I then rubbed it with the green side of a scourer sponge for around 10 minutes and wiped it off with a clean damp cloth. This took a few goes but I am really happy with the results.


The Verdict

If you hadn’t worked this out already, Amy was super happy with The Pink Stuff. As were her family, who now have a really clean house!

I would definitely use The Pink Stuff again! It was really easy to use and once I got the hang of it, I was cleaning everything in sight. I feel really confident using it now and am excited to try out the rest of the products in the range. It’s actually made me a fan of cleaning.

“One thing I found really great, is that is doesn’t harm your skin. Most cleaning solutions have harsh chemicals and my skin can react badly to them, but with The Pink Stuff, my hands have never felt softer! My rings were left looking really shiny too – so jewellery will be my next mission. Is there anything this product won’t clean? I’m about to find out!


Big ticks for The Pink Stuff

Pink Tick In Circle

Really easy to use

Pink Tick In Circle

Fast results

Pink Tick In Circle

Cheap to buy

Pink Tick In Circle

Long-lasting – one pot lasted ages!

Pink Tick In Circle

No strong smells

Pink Tick In Circle

Works on a variety of surfaces

Pink Tick In Circle

Leaves no mess or marks on clothing

Pink Tick In Circle

Easy to clean up and doesn’t stain surfaces

Pink Tick In Circle

Doesn’t harm your skin

Want to try it out yourself? Get your hands on The Pink Stuff Surface Cleaner Paste now! Or, check out the rest of The Pink Stuff range and become a cleaning freak like Amy!

Shop the Range >


Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

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