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The eSpares name goes international!

As some of you may know, eSpares not only helps households in the UK but all across Europe too!

Our international businesses were first established back in 2016 and have since gone from strength to strength, helping thousands of customers in France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Austria fix their appliances themselves. Altogether, our international websites have received over 300,000 orders and over 30,000 people have subscribed to our YouTube channels.

The exciting news about these businesses, is that we’ve decided to rebrand them using the respected eSpares name. Now everyone can be an eSpares hero!

Our international brands are now:

Italian Flag

eSpares Italia

Spanish Flag

eSpares España

France Flag

eSpares France

German Flag

eSpares Deutschland

Flag Of Austria

eSpares Österreich

Each of these sites is run by an awesome team of native speakers within our business. This is to ensure our international customers are getting the best experience possible and feel at home when purchasing products or seeking help with appliances.

At eSpares, we’re not just about selling items, we love to help our customers when they are in a time of need! That’s why, each of these sites has its own YouTube channel packed with how-to videos, again in the native language and an Advice Centre that helps with diagnosing, fixing and maintaining household appliances.

Just like eSpares UK, each site also has a bustling stream of social media sites including Facebook and Twitter, where communities can join together, have conversations and discover interesting and engaging information, all in their own language.

Here is how else we’re ensuring our international customers receive the same, excellent service:

  • Over a million spare parts in stock to fix, enhance, clean and maintain appliances
  • The same speedy delivery services
  • Help with finding appliance model numbers so customers can get the right parts to fit their appliance
  • Help and advice from experts in the industry
  • The same eSpares friendly service from our teams of native speakers
If you have any family or friends in any of these countries or if you’re planning a big move any time soon, be sure to keep note! eSpares is here whenever and wherever you need us!

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