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The car accessories you never knew you needed

Whether you’re travelling to work or going on holiday, there are some really handy essentials you’re going to need to make your journey a whole lot smoother.

From keeping you safe and saving you money to finding your way and keeping your car clean, these essential gadgets will have all your journeys covered.

If you own a snazzy new vehicle, chances are it may already come with some of this tech, but if you don’t, they can come in very handy!

Sat Nav

Sat Nav With Map On Screen

Of course, the main use of a sat nav is to find your way on longer journeys, but it has so many other benefits too. If you’re travelling on roads you don’t know, a sat nav can help you with navigation and speed limit changes so you don’t get caught short! Those with WiFi, can give you live updates on road closures and where traffic is heaviest so you can plan better routes. Plus, you won’t get distracted with messages, calls and notifications as you would with using your phone. Many car shops such as Halfords, will install a sat nav into your car for a small fee so you don’t have to worry about wires getting in your way either.


Dashcam Showing Features

dashcam is a recording device that can be placed at the front, rear or both directions in your car. It records short clips of your journey so you have a record of every journey you take. Why have one? Well, the main reason is you will have solid proof if you were to ever have an accident on the road. If someone was to go into you but they were not honest about what happened, your dashcam can help you prove to your insurance company that you weren’t in the wrong.

Besides the safety aspect, having a dashcam can actually bring your insurance premiums down too. Music to our ears! Car insurance companies such as Axa, Swiftcover, Adrian Flux and the Admiral Group offer discounts of up to 15% for those with a dashcam!

Car Charger

Close Up Of Car Charger

universal car charger can be super handy when on long journeys. Make sure your devices are always fully charged in case of emergencies when you’re on the road. Plus, it’s always great to have a backup charger for your sat nav or dashcam, just in case!

Car Vacuum

Car Vacuum With Attachments

Save the trouble of having to make the vacuum stretch to your car every time you spill some crumbs! Clean your mess up fast with a vacuum cleaner that works from your car. Simply plug it into your cigarette lighter and let the mess be gone!

Car Bin

Collapsible Car Bin

We all have those takeaway wrappers in the back of our car, right? Guilty! So why not have a bin in your car just like you do in your house? It will save the embarrassing clean up when people get in your car and will make tidying up a whole lot easier!

Car Coffee Maker

In-Car Coffee Machine

Coffee lovers, rejoice! With this in-car coffee maker, you no longer have to wait for the next service station, you can enjoy your coffee whenever and wherever you are! It plugs into the cigarette lighter and delivers a perfect barista-quality espresso in just 2 minutes. The product is compact enough to fit in the cup holder and works with both ESE pods and ground coffee.

Sunglasses Visor Clip

Glasses Holder On Car Visor

How many times have you forgotten your glasses or sunglasses when out on the road? Well, not any more because this handy glasses holder will help you keep them exactly where you need them. As well as glasses it can be used to clip pens, business cards, and memos so you’ll have everything you need right where you need it.

Inflatable Car Bed

Inflatable Car Bed

If you’re always heading out on long journeys then you’ll know how uncomfortable it is to sleep in your car. This handy inflatable bed makes long journeys a whole lot comfier. It can fit 2 adults and easily inflates from your cigarette lighter.

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